Lynnhaven Academy: A School Above The Rest

P. Diddy isn’t the only man who can open a school!  Johnathan Harris, Founder and Headmaster of LynnHaven Academy, opened a private school over five years ago. Everyone can imagine how difficult it can be to open a school but we must applaud the ones who actually accomplish it.


In 2012, Johnathan opened Lynnhaven Academy. In the beginning it started out as a tutoring company, where he provided one on one tutoring for students who needed remediation or advanced work in various subjects. As the year moved on, the number of students he tutored continued to grow. Johnathan realized that these students did not fit the traditional school model. It wasn’t until he ran a summer camp in 2012, when he realized his lifelong dream of opening a school could be actualized. Part of the summer camp focused on academic enrichment. Several parents asked if he could tutor their children during the upcoming school year. They were very pleased with the quick academic advancement. One parent joking asked if he could start a school and that she would enroll all four of her children. One thing lead to another, and Johnathan rented a two story house off Patterson Avenue in Richmond, VA and thus opened Lynnhaven Academy with 13 students.


Opening a school cannot be an easy task as one can imagine. Johnathan has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, a Masters of Education in Exceptional Education from Lynchburg College. He has also completed coursework towards a Doctorate in Education. He has a Postgraduate Professional Teaching License in Special Education from the Virginia Board of Education. He i