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[Community] The Young Executives Set to Host "Each One, Teach One" Back to School Drive in Atlanta

The Quintessential Gentleman has partnered with The Young Executives Foundation for their second annual back-to-school drive serving the Metro Atlanta community. The drive's goal is to provide assistance with school supplies for parents, teachers, and children as they prepare for the new school year. K-12 students will also have the chance to get other necessities like uniforms tops and bottoms, book bags, and of course a great time with the community and The Young Executives (TYE).

Since 2017, The Young Executives foundation has addressed the need for encouragement, education, and empowerment among youth in the city of Atlanta. Understanding that talent, dreams, and goals fall by the wayside due to a number of circumstances including an environment not conducive to growth their goal is to uplift and encourage the youth in the community through various opportunities and events. Community service, outreach, and creating opportunities for the youth to exhibit their talents are the imprints that TYE desire to leave.

If you’re looking to volunteer, donate, or support please visit the website.

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Sergio Gonzales
Sergio Gonzales
23 nov. 2023

This is a commendable initiative by Atlanta's young leaders! The Everyone, Teach Back to School event reflects their commitment to supporting the community. As someone who once struggled with academic writing, I appreciate the value of resources like find more info that can help. It's great to see the community coming together to empower and inspire the next generation through education.

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