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    • Hennessy Announces Second Phase of Unfinished Business Funding for Black, Asian and Latinx Companies

      Hennessy announced an additional $1 million investment in Unfinished Business, an initiative introduced in June 2020 to help Black, Asian and Latinx owned small businesses with the financial and educational resources to power through the challenges of COVID-19. Unfinished Business was established as a long-term small business program in response to the pandemic, with a goal of bolstering an equitable recovery for those of culturally diverse backgrounds. "Unfinished Business reflects our commitment and allyship to polycultural communities nationwide," said Giles Woodyer, senior vice president, Hennessy US. "Response to the program has been tremendous and we are honored to continue supporting the resiliency of these pillars of community, during the converging health, social and economic crises, and beyond." Earlier this year, Hennessy's first round of grant funding was met with overwhelming response and the initial contribution of more than $3 million was distributed to over 1,250 small businesses hit hardest by recent economic upheaval. Most grant recipients stated that the funding was used to help pay for operating expenses to keep businesses running, payroll, technology upgrades, PPE, utilities and more. Nearly eight months into the Covid-19 pandemic, small businesses nationwide remain in danger of closing for good if they do not receive financial assistance, underscoring the urgent need for additional capital. "During the current health, economic and civil rights crises in our country, we are proud to partner with Hennessy to provide ongoing financial relief to small Black businesses throughout the nation," said Michael J. Garner, Chairman, Corporate Board, One Hundred Black Men of New York City. "Earlier this year, we provided grants to businesses in 370+ U.S. cities, towns and villages, across 36 states. We are happy to support this vision during such turbulent times and even more thrilled to distribute a second round of grants before the holidays." To sustain momentum, a coordinated effort among partners and ambassadors – including hip-hop legend Nas – has helped deliver on the initiative's promise to replenish the small business fund. "Putting money back into the community is important especially during these times to help small businesses continue to survive," Nas said. "Pushing forward is hard to do without resources like Unfinished Business, which is why I'm proud to contribute where I can to ensure small businesses continue to flourish." Unfinished Business partners One Hundred Black Men, the Asian American Business Development Center, and the Hispanic Federation remain at the forefront of grant and resource distribution at the community-level. I In addition to capital, these organizations also help to provide businesses with access to information, educational content, and other assets to safeguard business continuity. Hennessy's second phase of funding continues with applications available at UnfinishedBusiness.US.To learn more about Hennessy's Unfinished Business grant criteria or access educational resources, please visit UnfinishedBusiness.US.

    • Victor Glover Makes History as First Black Astronaut to Serve a Long-Term Stay at the Space Station

      Victor Glover, a pilot and second-in-command on the Crew-1 SpaceX Crew Dragon, named Resilience, made history on Tuesday, November 17, as the first Black astronaut to serve a full six-month stint aboard the International Space Station. He is the 14th Black American to travel into space out of more than 300 NASA astronauts. "It is something to be celebrated once we accomplish it, and, you know, I am honored to be in this position and to be a part of this great and experienced crew," Glover said during a news conference, before Crew-1 got off the ground. "And I look forward to getting up there and doing my best to make sure that, you know, we are worthy of all the work that's been put into setting us up for this mission." Glover is joined by fellow NASA astronauts Mike Hopkins and Shannon Walker, along with Japan's Soichi Noguchi. They've embarked on the first post-certification mission of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft – the second crewed flight for that vehicle – and a long-duration mission aboard the International Space Station. He will also serve as Flight Engineer on the International Space Station for Expedition 64. A California native, Glover was selected as an astronaut in 2013 while serving as a Legislative Fellow in the United States Senate. He is a Naval Aviator and was a test pilot in the F/A‐18 Hornet, Super Hornet and EA‐18G Growler. The 44-year-old also holds a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering, a Master of Science in Flight Test Engineering, a Master of Science in Systems Engineering and a Master of Military Operational Art and Science. The first Black American involved in NASA's program was Ed Dwight, an Air Force test pilot, who became an astronaut candidate in the 1960s. Unfortunately, Dwight never went to space, that honor was given to Guion S. Bluford in 1983 when he came aboard the space shuttle Challenger.

    • The #BLKLunchandLearn Panel Discuss Raising Black Children, Understanding Your Purpose and More

      Que Jackson, founder of the #ATLLunchandLearn networking panel, recently celebrated the 6th anniversary by rebranding and introducing the all-new #BLKLunchandLearn, a bolder version of its predecessor. "I felt that it was important to celebrate the 6th anniversary of an event that meant something to me by giving it one of the best makeovers I could imagine. I wanted to increase the visibility of the brand which would allow the stories shared by our panel to reach a wider audience. Adapting to the new virtual world wasn't as challenging as we originally thought, so for the foreseeable future we will aim to bring the best conversation and panelist to you right from the comfort of your home," says Que Jackson. Over the course of the panel, viewers got the opportunity to hear firsthand stories of how events such as COVID-19 and racial tensions have not only affected them mentally but how it has caused them to adjust their goals while adapting to new work-friendly safety guidelines. Overall, we noticed that despite what some may have experienced over the course of their year, we as a people have always found a way to overcome adversity and that was a common factor among all of the panelists. This year has allowed people to sit back and analyze their life, career and most importantly their purpose, giving them the time they need to adapt and build. With the ladies on the panel being mothers, it was also important to ask about the conversations they found themselves having with their young Black sons and daughters. This month's panel included Nicco Annan (P-Valley's Uncle Clifford/ Actor/Dancer), Towanda Braxton (Braxton Family Values/Entrepreneur/Singer/Actress), Eric K. Thomas (Founder of The Quintessential Gentleman/Advocate), Shaquita Garcia (Mompreneur/Founder of Modern Housewives Co.), T'Marie (Relationship Coach/Author/Media Personality) and Sean Isaiah James (Publicist/Founder of Vision Works PR & Urban Male Institute for Leadership and Success). To learn more, visit #BLKLunchandLearn online. Check out the full recording of the panel below.

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