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  • Students at Howard University Protest Over Living Conditions

    With nearly a $50K a year tuition bill, students at Howard University are saying the "math ain't mathing," especially when they have been faced to carry out their school semester in "unlivable" conditions. Tensions have quickly escalated in the last week, with students staging a sit-in over housing conditions that show mold, infestation, rats, and insects, which in turn has left some students to fall sick, and others to sleep on the streets. Cynthia Evers, the university’s vice president of student affairs, denied many of the student's allegations in a statement. She acknowledged the mold in some areas but said it was not widespread and that maintenance crews were already in the midst of eradicating it. She also said there was no shortage of housing for students, despite numerous complaints from students on the matter. And in response to students’ demands for a meeting with administrators, Evers said school officials had met with students but “the truth is you did not like the honest answers that you received when we met,” she explained. According to students, those demands were to hold an in-person town hall with the university’s president and administration before the end of October. Students also want all affiliate trustee positions to be reinstated to the Board of Trustees with voting power so that students will have a voice in major decisions concerning the school. Students also want university officials to put in place a housing plan for future students. Instead of the town hall meeting, it is said that students were met with officers instead of administrators, and those officers tried to remove students from the area of the Blackburn student center on campus. From large donations from many alumni to continuing with this years' homecoming, Howard seems to be turning a blind eye to what many students say is "really horrible" living conditions, with some students threatening legal actions.

  • ‘Xbox and Chill’ Just Got a New Meaning With the Release of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

    Remember when Microsoft released its Xbox Series X and the internet went ablaze and joked about what the design of the system looked like? Well, Xbox leaned into the Twitter debate and created a mini fridge that resembles the gaming console. Xbox Series X Replica “Mini Fridge,” is available for pre-order today and will be sleeve red just in time for the holidays. Xbox’s newest mini fridge gives the term “Xbox and Chill” a whole new meaning. The sleek matte-black tower holds up to 12 cans of your favorite drink or beer and has two shelves in the door, for a few snacks to ease your trips to the kitchen while gaming. There is a USB port on the front of the mini fridge to charge devices. It also comes with a DC power adapter so you can travel with your mini fridge. The mini fridge retails for $99 and will arrive in stores in December exclusively at and Target stores. Xbox says it wants to get the fridges to as many of its fans as possible and will be expanding the inventory throughout 2022. Photo Credit: The Verge

  • Jussie Smollett Will Make His Feature Directorial Debut With "B-Boy Blues" Premiering at ABFF

    Jussie Smollett will be making his feature directorial debut with the release of B-Boy Blues at the American Black Film Festival. B-Boy Blues is an adaption of James Earl Hardy’s book of the same name and is known to many in the LGBTQ+ community as the quintessential gay Black book of the 90s. The story follows the tumultuous relationship of two Black men who live and work in New York City. Mitchell Crawford, played by Timothy Richardson, a 27-year-old journalist from Brooklyn, and Raheim Rivers, played by Thomas Mackie, a 21-year-old bike messenger from Harlem, meet at a gay bar in Greenwich Village during the summer of 93’. River is known as a “B-Boy” or banjee boy, which refers to a gay man who dresses and acts stereotypically masculine and hides his sexual orientation. As the two get to know each other, Mitchell finds out that although Raheim has a violent disposition, he's talented and loves his 5-year-old son. “Like so many same-gender-loving, Black men... B-Boy Blues was and continues to be a story that hits home for me in ways that not many people truly understand. With that said... it’s truly a universal story about Black on Black love. I couldn’t be more psyched to have this project be my feature film directorial debut. To have someone as iconic as James Earl Hardy, trust me, to bring his vision to life is an honor I don’t take lightly. And to produce/finance it with the launch of my company, SuperMassive, which will invest in projects by LGBTQ+, women and filmmakers of color is what my life’s work has been for," Smollett shares with Shadow and Act. In addition to being an author, James Earl Hardy is a playwright, journalist and considered a king of gay Black literature. The best-selling B-Boy Blues series consisted of seven published books and was adapted into a play. The upcoming film will also feature Brandee Evans, Landon G. Woodson, Michael Jackson Jr., Jabari Redd, Broderick Hunter and Ledisi, and is produced by Smollett, Hardy, Tom Wilson, Frank Gatson, Sampson McCormick and Madia Hill Scott. B-Boy Blues will be available to watch at the American Black Film Festival November 3-28, 2021.

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  • The Quintessential Gentleman | A Media Platform for Black Men

    Marcus Scribner Talks About the End of Black-ish and its Impact on the Culture LATEST Students at Howard University Protest Over Living Conditions ‘Xbox and Chill’ Just Got a New Meaning With the Release of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Jussie Smollett Will Make His Feature Directorial Debut With "B-Boy Blues" Premiering at ABFF The Biggest Annual Events That Phoenix Locals Look Forward To Damian Williams Becomes the First Black US Attorney in New York 'Thoughts of a Colored Man' Officially Opens on Broadway and Makes History READ QG BLACK MAN, GET YOU SOME THERAPY we got merch. shop CULTURE Students at Howard University Protest Over Living Conditions Jussie Smollett Will Make His Feature Directorial Debut With "B-Boy Blues" Premiering at ABFF 'Thoughts of a Colored Man' Officially Opens on Broadway and Makes History Omar J. Dorsey Talks Reprising His Role in 'Halloween Kills', His Mentor and 'Queen Sugar' Watch NYLFF's Futuro Digital Conference, the Premier Program for Content Creators of Color 'Nancy Drew' Star Tunji Kasim Talks Season 3, Growing up in Nigeria and Scotland and Ghosts POWER The Art of Activism: Jaquial Durham Tackles the South's Prison Culture and More Behind the Camera: Jarred McGriff Shares His Creative Vision [Giveaway] Win Tickets to See 'Reminiscence' Starring Hugh Jackman and Thandie Newton [Giveaway] Check Out the Atlanta Screening of 'FREE GUY' Starring Ryan Reynolds and Lil Rel The Republic of Sarah's Ian Duff Talks About the Show, Theater and Judas and the Black Messiah "Cruel Summer" Actor Allius Barnes Shares His Perspective on How to Make It in Hollywood STYLE 8 Grooming Tips A Gentleman Must Use 10 Must-Have Clothing Items For Men's Wardrobe Nine Plaid Shirts to Help You Ease into Fall 10 Essential Clothing Pieces to Make Your Return to Work More Stylish Two Heavyweights Team Up for Champion’s Muhammad Ali Capsule Collection Stylist Rashad "Dahsar" Calhoun is giving Teens the Red Carpet Treatment for Prom FAMILY ‘Xbox and Chill’ Just Got a New Meaning With the Release of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge 2 days ago Stars of "David Makes Man" Talk About Season Two and Black Men and Their Mental Health Jun 23 Deon Derrico Talks About Being a Father of 14, Gives Advice to New Fathers and More Jun 22 Turned Gentleman

  • Black Men Fashion | Jamaica NY | The Quintessential Gentleman

    Black Men Fashion Black Men Fashion Tips Today, most black men love exploring the different places on earth, foods, fashion, and different cultures. Therefore, many people spend so much money on ensuring that every black millennial travel has a different fashion type. This is because most black man wants to look fashionable. However, since not every black man can afford to invest in different types of black millennial travel fashions, black men need to learn the different black men fashion tricks and tips they can use when they are preparing to have their black millennial travel trips. Some of these black men fashion tips include: Proper grooming This is one of the easiest or rather the best tricks that any black man should learn. Black men have a unique skin color as compared to the other races. Therefore, this is one thing that Black men should take advantage of when looking for black men fashion tips. The skin color of black men makes them use different products that make their skin look better and better. Dressing mode Instead of investing so much in costly clothes that you only use when you are on travel, keeping it simple may help you look better. Therefore, despite your dressing style, you must keep it simple. The type of fashion for black men that is involved should be something that matches your black skin color. Dress in an African way Every black man needs to know where they come from. Instead of dressing like everyone else, when they are going for the black millennial traveling, dressing in an African way would look more respectable. Manage the hairstyles Black men should also use the right hair products on their hair and have the right haircut to have a great look. The haircut for every black should be the haircut that is complementing their faces.

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