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  • Author Mario Reyes Helps Strengthen the Bond Between Fathers and Sons

    One renaissance man delved into what it took to pursue his dreams, impact people in a positive light, and to do what is right in the world. An information technology professional, writer, poet, businessman, keynote speaker and former military honoree, Bronx native Mario Reyes revealed what it took to become a writer, mastering masculinity as well as fatherhood in an interview with The Quintessential Gentleman. Reyes had humble beginnings. In the interview, he revealed that he was inspired to write a book based on the barber that he went to in Baltimore. He said his barber would cut six children in a row, and when the cut was done looking sharp and fresh, the barber imparted lessons to each kid. Reyes said the barber did that because each kid was dropped off by their mom and the father was normally not in their life, either dead or in jail. Already wanting to write and in a poetic element because of being passionate about rapping, Reyes went on to write a book, A Son With No Father, A Book With No Author, which centers on educating children – and parents -- on specific lessons. A workbook would then be attached to it. He also has a nonprofit entitled Manifest Destiny that brings fathers and sons together, highlighting the lessons and chapters in the book and the workbook. The workshop has a weekly course and an eight-week course, which goes over topics from the book; manhood, family, school and bullying among other pertinent topics. Reyes was able to help so many fathers and sons because he had a strong family upbringing. He said his father was a stern pastor and teacher of lessons from Puerto Rico, while his mother was more on the liberal side. “He gave me all that he knew,” Reyes said. “When we stand on the shoulders of giants, it’s not for us to criticize what they gave you or what they failed to because they only did the best that they knew how. It’s on me to stir the pot a little. … It’s on me to build on what he gave me. My dad was dope.” Later in the interview, Reyes speaks on other topics of his book, including masculinity and the age of social media. Reyes, who has been working in information technology and has been fond of the internet since 1999, said that he taught his son and daughter that the internet is forever. But folk’s attention spans aren’t. “You might be the talk of the town on Tuesday, but by Tuesday afternoon, nobody will remember because somebody else will be the talk of the town. The turnaround is fast. The attrition rate is so high on embarrassment. Don’t worry about it, just write it out. Crack jokes on yourself.” And lastly, Reyes said the most elemental advice he can give when it comes to parental advice is to enjoy every second of it, and to learn with your children. Check out the full interview below. Photo Credit: Blair Devereaux

  • LL Cool J, Pharrell Williams and More Honored at the 5th Annual Urban One Honors

    Last Friday, Urban One taped the 5th annual Urban One Honors in Atlanta, GA. Hosted by R&B singer and actor Tank, the two-hour telecast will premiere on Monday, January 16, 2023, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, on TV One and CLEO TV. The televised event with this year's theme "Icons of the Culture," gave honorees their flowers for their extraordinary contributions to entertainment, media, music, politics, education and the community. Honorees included LL Cool J (Entertainment Icon Honor recipient), Bobby Brown ( first ever Phoenix Honor recipient), David Mann and Tamela Mann (Inspirational Impact Honor recipient), Congresswoman Maxine Waters (Lifetime Achievement Honor recipient), and Pharrell Williams (Music Innovation Honor recipient). The 5th Urban One Honors included a performance by Keke Wyatt; and a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop with DJ Spinderella (Salt-N-Pepa), Monie Love and Doug E. Fresh. This year’s annual celebration also included special appearances by: T.I., Pusha T, Marvin Sapp, Rev. Run, Lamman Rucker and Michelle Rice (TV One/CLEO TV President). Check out more photos of the event below. Make sure you tune January 16 on TV One. Photo Credit: Getty Images for Urban One Honors

  • Denim Richards Highlights Black Rancher Experience in Paramount's 'Yellowstone'

    Since 2018, Denim Richards has portrayed Colby Mayfield, who is a Black ranch hand in the Paramount Network series Yellowstone. Richards describes the character as a ‘ride or die’ and when he is initially introduced isn’t branded by the Dutton family, but by the third season he is. Despite being branded, Richards says, “We all know that he [Colby] wasn't like a hardened criminal that had been in and out of jail or spent time in prison or anything of that nature.” Before stepping into the role of Colby, Richards had starred in the Netflix western Montford: The Chickasaw Rancher, where he gained experience in riding horses and other ranch duties. While on set he was told about Yellowstone by co-star Tommy Flanagan. When he was ready to audition for Yellowstone, Richards said, “we started sending John Papidera‘s (who was the casting director of Yellowstone) office videos and clips of me in the Western apparel.” “Finally they called me in for an audition and then 24 hours later, I was in a producer's session with John Papsidera, John Linson and Taylor Sheridan. It was pretty nerve-wracking and it was the first time I'd ever been to a producer session of such magnitude. Taylor just made me feel so comfortable and welcoming. And then six weeks later, I was in Utah at a cowboy camp with Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, Dave Annable, Cole Hauser and Jefferson White. It was absolutely just a surreal moment for me,” Denim added. In taking on the role, Denim is stepping into the line of Black men who have starred in Western genre films and television series. Denim pointed out, however, that growing up while he was familiar with Black men starring in the western genre, he wasn’t around during the era when those projects were made. “I didn't grow up with those Westerns being at the forefront of my television or movie experience. Danny Glover has done some westerns, Obba Babatundé has done westerns and things of that nature and Morgan Freeman. So there had been some Black men that were in these different westerns, it just was kind of out of my time. So for many years of my earlier maturation, I didn't really see that and I never envisioned myself, in the western world, it was kind of just an area that I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to be a part of,” Denim stated. Lack of visibility in the western genre didn’t stop him, however, he shared a piece of advice for pushing through and pressing on when it seems there are no open doors. “I was like, I gotta go to every audition, go to every opportunity and not be biased to every opportunity because it's very easy as a Black man, especially if you're going to a Western to be like, they're never going to cast me in something like this, right? So going into it without thinking about the bias of it all, and just trying to be as truthful and honest to the character you're auditioning for, or reading for, I think, was kind of what my major goal was,” Richards stated. Aside from his work in Yellowstone, Richards also helped tell a story about the experience of Black prisoners being experimented on by Nazis during the Holocaust in a short film called The Zoo. “It was exactly 10 years ago, in 2012. I started the process of wanting to do something like this in 2011, but in 2012, I thought as Black men and Black women, we have been a part of every single major event in history, not just American history but history in general. So one of the things I wondered was why we have never heard about Africans in the Holocaust,” Denim explained about the need and inspiration for The Zoo. He went on to explain how the film ultimately is a story about the human spirit and the strength and will of Black men and women to not give up. Richards has also added author to his resume with the release of his book Mastering Your Mind. The self-help book helps readers to bring enlightenment and positivity into their lives. With his busy schedule, Denim is still waiting for his next great big project to come along. Photo Credit: Diana Ragland

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