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  • The Future of College Football Is Being Molded by Deion Sanders

    How the NFL Hall of Famer is changing the game. For over 30 years, Deion Sanders' name has been synonymous with winning, in everything from football, to baseball, to now coaching. And in his short time as head coach of the Jackson State Tigers, he's done nothing but rack up wins, taking a team that was coming off a 4-8 season and transforming them into a nationally renowned program that recently went all the way to the Celebration Bowl. It's undeniable that his presence has changed JSU football for the better, and it's equally as obvious that he's also changing HBCU football as a whole. Coach Prime isn't the first retired player to see success as a coach, but he is the first to use his reputation as a great player to attract such a large amount of young talent to his program. Between the records he's set, his championships, his Pro-Bowl appearances, and his Hall of Fame status, it's no wonder why he's widely considered one of the greatest football players since the creation of the sport. Any young man hoping to make it into the NFL would be amiss not to seriously consider taking the opportunity to learn from him, and he knows that. Using his reputation and charm, Neon Deion has scored exceptional athletes like Kevin Coleman and Travis Hunter, players who were pursued by top schools throughout the NCAA. As a result, there's been a lot of buzz about this Tigers football team. The fact that Deion Sanders is coaching a college team is already enough to pique people's interest, but Deion Sanders coaching top-tier young talent? That's something everyone has to see. Because of the hype surrounding this team, HBCU games that wouldn't usually be aired on national TV are being highlighted on channels like ESPN and Fox Sports. Commentators who've never even seen a Tigers game before are now praising the team's performance on their shows. JSU has also seen some fantastic game attendance, averaging a little over 42,000 attendees per game. All this attention translates into dollars as well. Jackson State football has been generating about $30 million dollars since their new head coach started, almost double the $16 million it was generating before he arrived. This new spotlight put on JSU is shifting the college football landscape in more ways than one. Everyone's eyes are on Coach Prime's team of winners now, and that includes the eyes of NFL recruiters. Pro-football is no respecter of alma maters, only talent. So if the talent is headed to HBCUs instead of big-name PWIs (private white institutions), that's where they'll look. By the same token, wherever the attention of the NFL is, top athletes will be headed. If this trend of elite Black athletes committing to HBCUs continues, we may be looking at a very different world of college football in the near future. Jackson State University's football program has seen unprecedented growth in multiple areas in such a short amount of time. Their team is winning more, their revenue is multiplying, and their name is being spread nationwide. All this, because of the presence of one person, Deion Sanders. Love him or hate him, the man is doing great things for the Black community. He's used his celebrity status to bring notoriety and money to Black colleges and is showing no signs of slowing down. So what’s next for Deion and this team of promising talent? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure. Coach Prime will give it his all for the win.

  • 'Profiled: The Black Man' Docuseries Examines the Stereotypes Surrounding Black Men in America

    Black men are a threat. Black men are dangerous. Black men don't cry. Black men don't value Black women. All of these and more are long-standing stereotypes that are shuffled through the newspaper, TV and the internet. OWN's newest series titled Profiled: The Black Man premieres on February 12 and aims to show the difficulties Black men have faced, both in the past and present day, while also highlighting and celebrating the triumphs and resilience of countless extraordinary men. Hosted by Tristan "Mack" Wilds, the four-part docuseries will provide a mixture of historical footage, real-life testimonies and commentary from an array of renowned thought leaders. Tina Knowles-Lawson and Trell Thomas, executive producers on the project, will provide commentary as well as other leaders like civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson, activist Tamika Mallory, hip-hop culture icon Sway Calloway, the Grammy, Emmy and Tony award-winning Billy Porter and more. Wilds will guide the audience through each one-hour episode and dismantle long-standing stereotypes about Black men that have always been depicted in the media while exploring and debunking a different stereotype of the week. The four parts are as follows: Episode 1: Black Men Are Dangerous - Premieres Saturday, February 12 Episode 2: Black Men Are Absent Fathers- Premieres Saturday, February 19 Episode 3: Black Men Devalue Black Women - Premieres Saturday, February 26 Episode 4: Black Men Don’t Cry - Premieres Saturday, March 5 Check out the trailer below. Profiled: The Black Man is streaming exclusively on discovery+, with each episode available to subscribers every Saturday through March 5.

  • Terry & Rico Create "The Bando" Museum Style Restaurant to Feed and Inspire Forgotten Communities

    The Bando is Art. The Bando is Food. The Bando is an Experience. The Bando is one of Atlanta's newest restaurants that was birthed by two friends and educators, Terry Bartholomew and Rico Burk. They saw that there were many injustices and inadequacies in the school system and they decided that they wanted to do more for their community affected by it. They started taking Black male students to dinner and/or lunch to have conversations that they'd hope would inspire the young men. This would eventually become a monthly thing that grew into conversations with parents and a mentorship program that allowed them to do more. "The reason why we started the Bando was to connect with the community through community service and different philanthropic work. We really want to give back by eventually opening up our own school or community center," says Terry Bradshaw. Their goal was to create a space where the community can not only come but leave fed whether it was mind, body or stomach. They decided that a restaurant was the best idea given their limited financial resources at the time and knowledge on how people crave a good food experience. With Terry's Atlanta influence and Rico's Detroit influence, it was a no-brainer that wings, their most famous being the "crack" wing, and Detroit-style coney dogs were a must-have on the menu. And in 2019, The Bando ATL was born. The term "bando" comes from abandoned houses given in poverty-stricken neighborhoods. When asked why they chose their location, they felt like they didn't choose the location, but in fact, the location chose them. They wanted to be in an area that was deemed "the hood" because they wanted to create something positive in an area that others would consider negative. Holding multiple roles, the guys continue to alternate between cook and host, while Terry serves as the restaurant's creative and social media director. Terry and Rico felt as if people travel to experience other cultures whether it be food, art, music, or lifestyle. They wanted to create something that would be so appealing that it would force other cultures to travel to our neighborhoods and receive an experience, unlike anything they were used to. They have managed to take the art of food and design and create something beautiful. When you visit, you'll see familiar things that connect you back to a memory in your life. From plastic on the couch to the big table where families would have dinner and the china cabinet where your grandmother kept her fine china are just some of the things you'd notice when visiting Atlanta's first Museum style restaurant. Marketing and art have gone hand-in-hand to cultivate the perfect experience. Social media has been a major big tool that has drawn people to the location so much to the point where the restaurant has actually run out of food before closing forcing them to conclude for the day. Although running out of food is unusual to some, for these restaurateurs, it shows that they have accomplished a goal for the day and in turn can do something for someone in the community. During a random day during the week, the guys offer free wings to their customers and have since fed over 1,000 people in the area. They have also purchased groceries for members in their community as well as paid rent for people managing to make a major impact in a short amount of time. This proves that with vision, communication, and purpose, you can accomplish something that would not only make you proud but change the lives of people both near and far. Having such a major influence in the community, there is no telling how far Terry & Rico will go. If you want to support the vision visit The Bando online and in person at 3050 Martin Luther King JR Dr., Atlanta, Georgia 30311.

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  • The Quintessential Gentleman | A Media Platform for Black Men

    BMF's Da'Vinchi Covers Our 2021 Family issue LATEST The Future of College Football Is Being Molded by Deion Sanders 'Profiled: The Black Man' Docuseries Examines the Stereotypes Surrounding Black Men in America Terry & Rico Create "The Bando" Museum Style Restaurant to Feed and Inspire Forgotten Communities Ashlee Brian Dives Into the Wine Industry on OWN's 'The Kings of Napa' ‘The Kings of Napa’ Review: A Vineyard Full of Success, Secrets and Tribulations AJ Dewberry Built a Successful Business By Repairing Cell Phones and Investing in Vending Machine READ QG BLACK MAN, GET YOU SOME THERAPY we got merch. shop CULTURE The Future of College Football Is Being Molded by Deion Sanders 'Profiled: The Black Man' Docuseries Examines the Stereotypes Surrounding Black Men in America Ashlee Brian Dives Into the Wine Industry on OWN's 'The Kings of Napa' ‘The Kings of Napa’ Review: A Vineyard Full of Success, Secrets and Tribulations 4 Documentaries Coming in 2022 That Will Leave You on the Edge of Your Seat Five Alternative Options to Atlanta Bars and Clubs POWER 'America's Big Deal' Host Scott Evans Talks About His Career and His Latest Deal With NBCUniversal Watch the Trailer for Will Smith's New YouTube Original Docuseries 'Best Shape of My Life' The Art of Activism: Jaquial Durham Tackles the South's Prison Culture and More Behind the Camera: Jarred McGriff Shares His Creative Vision [Giveaway] Win Tickets to See 'Reminiscence' Starring Hugh Jackman and Thandie Newton [Giveaway] Check Out the Atlanta Screening of 'FREE GUY' Starring Ryan Reynolds and Lil Rel STYLE The Gentleman’s Sneakers: Upgrading Your Look with the Right Shoes Turned Gentleman: Dear Evan Hansen's Jordan Fisher [Giveaway] Step Into the New Year With Shoes From Fini Brand WEAR BRIMS Releases “Flight Collection” Exclusively in Neiman Marcus 8 Grooming Tips A Gentleman Must Use 10 Must-Have Clothing Items For Men's Wardrobe FAMILY Mahershala Ali Shows What Happens If You Could Extend Your Death Date in 'Swan Song' Dec 18, 2021 Diallo Riddle Changes the Portrayal of Chicago With 'South Side' Sitcom Dec 17, 2021 The Gentleman's Guide to Entertaining Dec 17, 2021 Turned Gentleman

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