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Black News Channel Set to Takeover Streaming With BNC GO

Black News Channel (BNC), deemed the nation’s fastest budding news broadcast, delivered groundbreaking news on September 1. The African American-focused news channel that hosts shows with media heavyweights such as Marc Lamont Hill and Mike Hill, announced that their brand-new streaming platform BNC GO will make its debut on September 13. The streaming service is set to introduce a slate of content dedicated to Millennial and Gen-Z audiences. BNC GO is personalized to gain this audience's interest based on their active lifestyles among other aspects of life.

The streaming service will include an action-packed broadcast that exhibits the latest trends and most prominent voices in the Black community. Entertainment, business ventures, and finance are just a few key elements to look out for! Access to the service will spread across well over 200 million Internet-compatible mobile devices such as Roku, Samsung, Vizio, and many more. The 24/7 streaming service will provide content from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. ET. The lineup of shows set to appear on the streaming platform is the following The Morning Hype, The Midday Jolt, and After 6ix.

Princell Hair, president and CEO of BNC, says the latest endeavor “allows expansion and a breadth of offerings” the entire team is excited about. The idea to create such a service was a genius move especially with younger viewers constantly shifting their media consumption towards digital programming. Black and Brown audiences can experience and engage with the network’s “culture-specific storytelling.”

As the calendar year progresses, BNC Go will follow monthly themes surrounding back-to-school, travel, and personal finance in the Black community. In addition to monthly themes, the streaming service will showcase talents from multiple HBCU’s focusing on not only Black journalism, but Black videographers, writers, graphic designers, and producers. BNC’s commitment to growth and Black authenticity are on full display with yet another outstanding Black innovation guaranteed to blaze a trail for the next generation.


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