Lyft’s Top Destinations Atlanta for Halloween

Every year Atlanta residents hit the city to celebrate Halloween, and in between the costume contests, bar crawls, and trick or treating Lyft drivers walk away with a treat of their own. Last year, Lyft drivers nationwide earned over $10 million in tips over Halloween Weekend. “Halloween is one of Lyft’s most popular holidays, and that means more earning opportunities for drivers,” said Sam Bond, general manager of Lyft southeast. “What really excites me is that passengers are leaving their keys at home and are opting to use Lyft to get to and from nightlife destinations in a smart and reliable way.”

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Top Ten Lyft Halloween Weekend Nightlife Destinations:

1. Dark Horse Tavern 2. Waffle House 3. Big Sky Buckhead 4. The Graveyard Tavern 5. Tongue and Groove 6. Blake’s on the Park 7. Opera Nightclub 8. Havana Club 9. Buckhead Saloon 10. MJQ Concourse

Written by: Cameron Hill

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