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6 Products From Google Perfect for Your Home

It's 2022 and if you haven't transformed your home into a smart house, you're truly missing out. Technology is one of the best conveniences for living a better life from cameras on your doorbell to a monitor in your kitchen helping you cook. Check out our list of products from Google that will get your house the technology makeover it needs.

Gone are the days of getting away with basic internet. You are no longer only using wifi for your one computer and your cell phone. And if you are looking to transform your home into a smart house, you need the best wifi connection and router. Once you get the internet from your provider, Google's Nest Wifi Pro offers whole­home coverage and super fast internet speeds throughout your entire house. One single unit will provide coverage to a home up to 2,200 square feet and the Nest Wifi Pro comes with two units. These units act as hubs for your internet and help to strengthen your connectivity.

Google's smartest doorbell is essential for anyone who wants to always know what's happening at your front door, no matter where you are. It's battery-powered and can tell the difference between a person, package, animal, and vehicle and send you an alert in the Google Home app. The video is HD and it has night visions so that you can check in from anywhere 24/7.

The Nest Cam with Floodlight has the same technology as the Nest Doorbell, which allows it to tell the difference between what is in front of its view. Having this light and cam in front of your house allows you to know exactly what's going on at all times. It has a 1080p HDR video with night vision and can be accessed with the Google Home app.

Knowing what's going on inside your house is just as important as knowing what's outside your house. The Nest Cam is perfect for in the house and allows you to see and record what's happening in your home. There is a microphone and speaker in the Cam, which allows you to speak to guests inside your home from anywhere.

Having a Nest Hub Max is necessary for every home. Some of the perfect places for it are the kitchen and your bedroom. This multimedia system has so many features that will make your life easier but one of the best features is Google Assistant. It can play your favorite podcasts while you're getting up in the morning or play a recipe on YouTube while you're cooking. The Nest Hub Max is perfect for keeping you on track while you are at home.

With inflation raising prices everywhere, we are all trying to keep as much money in our pockets as possible. And with the change in weather, your utilities could be one of those bills that increases marginally. The Nest Thermostat is the perfect product to help you save on your energy bill. It's easy to install and also can be controlled on your Google Home app. When you're not at home, you can make sure that you are using the least amount of energy. You can schedule the perfect temperature for your house depending on the time of day. The Nest Thermostat also provides you with data and analytics of your energy bill so that you can make the best decisions that will lead to you saving money!


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