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Bevel Partners With Celebrity Barbers to Groom Dwyane Wade, Damson Idris, Stefon Diggs For The Met Gala

Bevel - Damson Idris, Dwyane Wade, Stefon Diggs

Last night was the Met Gala. From Zendaya to Usher, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City was filled with the hottest celebrities showing off their "The Garden of Time" themed outfits.

This year, Bevel, the acclaimed men's grooming brand, collaborated with celebrity barbers to groom Dwyane Wade, Damson Idris and Stefon Diggs for "fashion's biggest night." Tap in below to see the groomers' approach to each of their clients as they get them ready for the special night.

Bevel - Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade

When on the arm of the beautiful Gabrielle Union, you have to be on your A-game and her husband Dwyane Wade always steps up to the plate. Celebrity barber Donato Smith was the man behind the clippers for Wade's crisp look. "I went with the Bevel Pro All-In-One Clipper & Trimmer, the OG Bevel Trimmer (gold standard edition) and the Bevel Electric Shaver as tools of choice. These tools were everything and ALL I needed to achieve the desired look as they were quick and efficient,” Smith shared.

Today, men realize that their grooming habits extend past a simple haircut. You can no longer forget your beard and your skin. "The Bevel 2-in-1 Exfoliating Pads were amazing in cleansing and protecting the skin. Lastly, I loved using the Bevel Beard Conditioner as it softens and moisturizes the beard, and I added the Bevel Beard Oil for an extra layer of moisture, and an immaculate finishing shine,” Smith adds.

Being one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors isn't all fun and games. There is this pressure to keep up appearances, especially, looking good on all the red carpets. But Damson Idris makes it look easy! The pressure is really on the team that has to ensure he looks his best. On his team is celebrity groomer Jessica Smalls, who prepped and styled him for this year's Met Gala.

Bevel - Damson Idris

“I made sure his skin was perfectly primed by using Bevel Face Gel. I then used the Bevel Trimmer to freshen up his goatee and applied the Bevel Beard Oil to his goatee to hydrate the skin underneath,” Smalls shared. On the carpet, Idris's skin was smooth like butter, and now we know why.

"There’s nothing rough when you look at Damson. His walk is smooth, his talk is smooth, so I needed his skin to follow suit. The Bevel face gel, Bevel Beard Oil and Bevel Trimmer were the perfect tool and products to get the job done," Smalls adds.

Bevel - Stefon Diggs

From the field to the runway, wide receiver and model Stefon Diggs always puts his best foot forward. Who doesn't want to look like an athlete, a model, or both? Celebrity groomer Laila Hayani shares what she did to get Diggs ready for the evening.

"This year for the Met Gala the concentration and look was driven by impeccably polished and vibrant skin. Stefon has incredible skin but to create a more elevated and healthier effect we used Bevel's award-winning Skin Care line and hair sculpting tools to ensure we had everything covered,” Hayani shares. "We started with the Bevel Trimmer to trim any facial hair and create a clean slate for moisturizer. Then we used the Bevel 2-in-1 Exfoliating Pads to clean the entire face, for a nice clean palette for the skin to absorb the moisturizer and ensure there was no residue. We applied the Bevel Face Gel to surge the skin with moisture and really worked this into the skin while giving a nice sheen. Lastly, we followed with the Bevel Beard Oil. We applied a light amount onto the mustache and lightly combed it through the brows to set them in place. Stefon really enjoyed the Bevel Exfoliating Pads and Bevel Face Gel. We both agreed the two complemented each other, with one achieving exfoliated skin, without any irritation, and the other adding moisture without the feeling of a heaving cream.”


Be sure to check out Bevel's products to maintain a proper grooming routine like these gentlemen!

Photo Credit: Bevel

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To secure the mustache and brows, we dabbed a small quantity on each and ran it lightly through them. Both the exfoliating pads and the face gel from Bevel were huge hits with Stefon. basketball stars

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