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Haircuts with Heart: A Delaware Principal Helps Students Develop Healthy Self-Esteem

In Wilmington, Delaware Principal Terrance Newton fosters students’ self-esteem and a positive self-image by providing hair cuts in a makeshift barbershop inside Warner Elementary School. He not only helps his young students look dapper but also converses about life, sports, and any topic of interest that captivates their flourishing minds.

Newton’s “barbershop” offers a relaxed atmosphere which allows students to interact with him one on one and connect on a deeper level. The individualized attention will make each child feel special and valued in their own right. This experience affords the children a haven of sorts, which allows them to speak freely and be themselves. As a school official, this presents Newton with a golden opportunity to impart wisdom and encouragement to the next generation as a role model and father-figure in a unique way.

Barbershops are places where old friends can become reacquainted, and new ones are made. It’s essential to have positive outlets and people available to influence the lives of the youth as they find their place in the world. A fresh look and good conversation can give a student the extra boost needed to continue the day on a high note thanks to principal Newton.  

Source: Delaware News Journal

Photo credit: Jerry Habraken


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