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Drew Westervelt Gives Tips He Learned on the Field that He Uses in Business

It’s not new that athletes after coming off the field head over to the world of entrepreneurship. Nowadays, they are actually starting their businesses while playing sports. Drew Westervelt, is a Lacrosse player who has recently launched an incredible product that’s changing the way gym-goers, outdoor enthusiasts, and athletes in general clean and take care of their gear called HEX Performance. While starting his business, he realized he had a few gems that he learned while playing Lacrosse. Check out his 3 tips that helped him in the business world!

There are always significantly more valleys than peaks.  Stay positive and drive forward, because focusing on losses will only drag you and your team down. Each challenge is a learning experience you can build from and grow in many ways. Like training to be the best athlete, the path of bringing your idea to life is full of setbacks and challenges.

Trust Your Team.

You cannot do it all– nobody can! Trust your teammates enough to let them do their work. If you try to micro-manage everything, nothing will get done. And these days, we all need to be quicker. Surround yourself with great people.  Challenge them, and be challenged by them. Identifying team goals and metrics to achieve those goals is key to a positive trajectory.

Lead, Don’t Follow.

Lead in your own way and believe in what sets you or your business apart. We all have roles in business or on the field.  Whether or not you are assigned a leadership position, believe in your ability and have the confidence to make your value be seen by actions to drive your team or business. Create a compelling case for why you or your business is needed and solves a problem. And be a challenger– “me too” ideas are never game changers.

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