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Taye Diggs Set To Return As Billy Baker In 'All American'

One well-known Black actor is making his return to a specific series despite the character’s death in the last season.

Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs, who is known for his role as Billy Baker in the CW series All American, is making a surprising return to the series even though the character’s demise transpired in Season 5. Diggs is set to make his return for the show’s monumental 100th episode, which is airing on May 27, according to Blex Media.

Diggs' return as Billy Baker has sparked immense curiosity among fans, as the character’s death in the previous season left significant impact on the storyline.

Still, the exact details of his return are being kept under wraps.

All American has been a top show in the television landscape, as it has captivated audiences thanks to its compelling storytelling and diverse cast. Season 6, which premiered April 1, has racked up substantial attention, and this is in large part because of episodes 13 to 15.

The series stars Daniel Ezra, Michael Evans Behling, Samantha Logan, Greta Onieogou, Bre-Z, Chelsea Tavares, Cody Christian, Monet Mazur and Karimah Westbrook.

Produced by Warner Bros. Television and CBS Studios in association with Berlanti Productions, the series comprises showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll who is leading the team of executive producers, including Greg Berlanti, Jameal Turner, Sarah Schechter, Mike Herro and David Strauss. Their collaborative vision contributes to the success and longevity of All American, which has resonated with live viewership and a strong presence on digital platforms such as the CW app and Netflix.

Although the circumstances of Billy Baker’s return remain under wraps and is in shock to many, the anticipation of his comeback is palpable. So, fans of the series can look ahead to an exhilarating lineup, which will culminate in the milestone of the 100th episode that promises to be a memorable celebration of the show’s long-lasting legacy.

Diggs, who is from Newark, New Jersey, is best known for his lead roles in The Best Man franchise, as well as Brown Sugar, Malibu’s Most Wanted, among many other movies. He was also in TV shows such as New York Under Cover, Law & Order, among other shows.


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