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8 NBA All-Stars Calling The Shots With Their Own Production Companies

This year's NBA All-Stars weekend has arrived. While the all-stars have been making and calling shots on the basketball court, some have been controlling the shots as the head of their production studios.


Here are eight NBA All-Stars who have launched their own successful production companies.

Greek-Nigerian Milwaukee Bucks player Giannis Antetokounmpo, known as the Greek Freak for his towering presence and heartwarming underdog story, has founded "Improbable Media." In launching the company, he aims to produce content that reflects his journey, emphasizing the power of hope and the beauty of achieving the improbable. He will showcase his life story in his upcoming documentary, GIANNIS: THE MARVELOUS JOURNEY, premiering exclusively on Prime Video on February 19.

Stephen Curry, the sharpshooter with a golden touch, leads "Unanimous Media." His company focuses on family-friendly content, faith-based projects, and sports documentaries that echo his values and the magic of his on-court performances, which led him to release his latest documentary UNDERRATED on Apple TV.

Billionaire LeBron James who was known as the King of the court, created "The SpringHill Company." LeBron's production powerhouse is dedicated to creating culturally impactful and diverse media that empower audiences, much like his leadership empowers his teammates. Springhill is "a media company with an unapologetic agenda, a maker and distributor of all kinds of content that will give a voice to creators and consumers who've been pandered to, ignored, or underserved." Some films his studio has produced are Space Jam: A New Legacy, Hustle, and the 2023 House Party film.

Dwyane Wade, the stylish and smooth guard, has created "59th & Prairie Entertainment." The company is named after the crossroads of his childhood home and aims to tell stories that are rooted in experiences of transformation and growth, which parallel his evolution from Chicago's streets to NBA stardom.

Chris Paul created "Ohh Dip!!! Productions," which delivered The Point God's Odyssey, a tale of strategy and leadership, as our protagonist navigates the treacherous terrains of Mount Clutch, uniting diverse tribes of the realm. Ohh Dip!!! Production's team of media professionals includes award-winning producers, directors, camera operators and editors who have decades of experience in the industry and offer the highest quality of production, storytelling, and post-production services from a creative, cultural, and cutting-edge perspective.

Blake Griffin's Mortal Media brought 20th Century's WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP remake to life. Mortal Media develops and produces a variety of projects across film and television, in both the scripted and non-scripted space. Feature films and scripted television projects will focus on the intersection of genre and comedy, while the non-scripted slate will be dedicated to sports-related projects.

Carmelo Anthony's production company, Creative 7, delivers Melo's Mythos, an epic saga of legacy and reinvention, where ancient powers meet the modern game. Creative 7's goal is to amplify the voices of those who have been silenced, discover stories that will leave you forever changed, and increase opportunities for a diversified group of storytellers and creators.

Kevin Durant's Thirty-Five Ventures [35V] brings us The Slim Reaper's Realm, a universe where our hero harnesses the power of precision and resilience to battle adversity. Durant also co-founded Boardroom in 2019 with Rich Kleiman. The media brand covers the business behind media, sports and music. The company also produces original content. The Boardroom a series of roundtable discussions on ESPN+, ran for two seasons.

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