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Police Officer Comes To The Rescue In Baton Rouge, Delivers Newborn Baby

A Black cop has come to the rescue.

Jason Lee

Baton Rouge Police Department Corporal Jason Lee helped a woman as she went into labor on the side of the road, delivering a newborn lady, according to WWLTV.

According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, it happened two Saturdays ago when Lee was flagged down by a passing vehicle on Greenwell Springs Road.

The driver said to Lee that her daughter was in labor, and they insisted on a police escort to the nearest hospital.

As he led the driver and pregnant woman to the hospital thanks to the help of the police escort, the newborn baby was already on the way, so the contingent had to pull over on the side of the road.

As the mother was going into labor, Lee called for medical assistance but then went into action. He would go on to help the woman deliver a healthy baby boy.

"I was stopped by a mother in need of emergency assistance in regards to her daughter @adoredessss__being in labor. EMS wasn’t near, so I attempted to escort them to the nearest Hospital. Well we didn’t make it! I quickly helped a brave young lady in delivering her baby boy on the spot. It was an experience neither of us will forget. I even had a chance to visit @adoredessss__ and her son “Noah” at the hospital," said Cpl. Lee in a follow up social media post.

According to the National Library of Medicine, the number of out-of-hospital births has increased, with one in every 61 U.S. births transpiring out of the hospital back in 2018.

Out of those that are planned, most happen at home and are helped by midwives. Most U.S. studies have reported statistically “significant increases in perinatal mortality and neonatal morbidity for home birth compared with hospital birth.” Whereas planned community birth is aligned with decreased odds of obstetric interventions, which include cesarean delivery.

Community births are likely improved with an appropriate selection of low-risk, vertex, singleton, term pregnancies in patients who haven’t had a previous cesarean delivery.

In essence, it’s safer to have a baby in the hospital. But Lee saved the day.

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