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Diddy Makes Forbes ‘Greatest Business Minds’ List

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, entertainer and business mogul has made it to Forbes ‘100 Greatest Business Minds’ list, which was unveiled this week.

P. Diddy has managed to rise in the business empire to become one of the biggest names in the music game without having to rap on a mic. His first glimpse into the business world began when he was a talent director at Uptown Records. After leaving the company, he founded his music production company, Bad Boys Records, with stars such as Notorious B.I.G, Faith Evans, and much more.

He made yet another milestone this month when he became the only black man to take the stage at Forbes 100 Greatest Business Minds” gathering which further cemented his status as an entertainment which was taken his craft to a whole new level.

Diddy’s success can be attributed to the fact that he puts customer’s first and he further elaborated on this area during his interview with Forbes;

“I started my business career at age 12, delivering newspapers,” he told Forbes. “I had a lot of elderly customers, so I would always put the newspaper in between the screen door and the door — that caring made me different, made me better than the last paperboy. Since then, I’ve always understood that if I give the customers my best and service them differently, whether music, clothing or vodka, I’ll get a return on my hard work.”

Apart from his music business, he also has a clothing line, ‘Sean John’, which he started in 1998. It earned him a Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) award for Menswear Designer of the Year in 2004. He also partnered with Ciroc, a Vodka company, and helped them expand in sales and flavor options. His partnership brought in new customers, and this helped the business to grow even wider. Another of his business venture is his REVOLT TV, which is a multi-platform television and production company, was introduced to the world in 2014. In the same breath, he partnered up with Ronald Burke and actor Mark Wahlberg to purchase major holding in Aquahydrate, a zero-calorie post-workout beverage.

P Diddy is not only a business mogul, he is also a philanthropist. He has found ways to give back by focusing on education and youth. The Sean Combs Scholarship Fund provides business majors with internships and scholarships. He has also given out a million dollars to his alma mater, Howard University, which he had dropped out from to join Uptown Records. He also opened a Capital Prep Harlem, a free public charter school, in his old New York City neighborhood, in 2016. During the launch, he said, “Great schools and great education make a big difference. Unfortunately, too many people don’t get the opportunity to succeed, no matter how hard they try. This is leveling the playing field.” He places great importance on education.

In the last decade, P Diddy ran the New York City Marathon, raising 2 million dollars to support kids in New York City schools. He also pledged one million bottles of water with a long-term commitment to Flint, Michigan citizens.

There’s no question why P Diddy would land on Forbes’ Greatest Business Minds Lists, with his experience in television, music, fashion, and hospitality, ( along with his ‘can’t stop, won’t stop’ attitude ).

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