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Nelly, Ashanti Are Owners Of An At-home Fertility Company

Nelly is having a hell of a 2024.

Ashanti and Nelly
Photo Credit: Instagram - @Ashanti/Liv Miami

He’s been back with his ex-girlfriend Ashanti, including a baby on the way and marriage in the near future. Now, the duo has become co-owners of Proov, an at-home fertility and hormone testing company.

The couple recently announced the new venture and all the blessings that have come with it. “This new year of life is such a blessing full of love, hope and anticipation,” Ashanti said per Essence. “Motherhood is something that I have looked forward to, and sharing this with my family, fiancé and loyal fans, who have been so supportive of my career, is an amazing experience.”

How did all this come about? Well, in Ashanti’s pregnancy video, she opens an early pregnancy test from Proov. Additionally, the company’s logo is featured towards the end of the video. According to Essence, Ashanti and Nelly are co-owners of Proov.

According to Proov, the company offers affordable at-home, science-backed fertility and hormone marker tests. Adding on to the early pregnancy test, there are “Hers and His Kits,” which provide a fertility report and measure mobile sperm concentration, a “reserve” kit to “check egg count, and Predict + Confirm kit to both predict a woman’s most fertile days and measure the hormone marker that supports implantation to confirm successful ovulation with the first and only FDA cleared test.”

Apps, ovulation tests, and devices can be helpful for tracking your fertile days, but they can miss fertility red flags. Add Proov to your favorite ovulation tracking method for actionable information on things that impact your fertility the most.”

The company, according to the website, has assisted over 5,000 women become pregnant. It was founded by Amy Beckley, Ph.D, who was later joined by co-founder Ellen Schell. It all started because Beckley was facing her own infertility mishaps for two years. Once she started the company, she began taking hormone supplements that helped her become pregnant.

Now, the “invasive tests that she’s created are there to help other women through their conceiving experience.”

Other ventures for Nelly are Apple Bottoms, spirit brand MoShine and Three Commas.

Photo Credit: Instagram - Nelly


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