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Husband and Wife Owned Southern Edge Vodka and Whiskey is the Perfect Taste for the Summer

Trina and Ashley Scott

Have you ever tasted a refreshing luxury drink? The founder of Southern Edge have quickly grown making the brand very popular in southern states. Founded by husband and wife team Ashley and Trina Scott, this Black-owned company has carefully crafted a delicious Sweet Tea Vodka, Salted Caramel Whiskey, and non-alcoholic Passion Fruit Mixer that has redefined the taste and pleasure of premium liquor.

Southern Edge is a brand that has become synonymous with southern hospitality and is all about creating experiences that bring it to the forefront of rich traditions. The southern experience is distilled in not only legacy and roots but the stories of the people who enjoy the organic taste of the sweet tea with a little edge. With every sip, Southern Edge aims to unify and educate the masses about having perseverance and tenacity while balancing life's obstacles that keep us all on the edge.

Currently sold in liquor stores and online, see If Southern Edge is available in your area at


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