Corey Calliet: One Man’s Goal to Help People Re-Imagine Themselves

Check out our interview with Celebrity Trainer Corey Calliet below.

Who is Corey Calliet?

I am a celebrity trainer and coach. I would say I’ve been training celebrities for about 2 years but have been in the fitness industry for about 15 years now. I consider myself to be one of the top celebrity trainers in the game. I’ve awarded the opportunity to work with celebrities on actual movie sets and most aren’t giving the chance to, and I am thankful for this. I also boxed for five years, so I would say that I’m well rounded when it comes to sports and transformation.   

Where did the decision to become a fitness trainer stem from?

I was amazed to see what I was able to do for myself, my personal journey and body transformation. I’ve started working out with friends and one mentioned that I should start training others. Stating that, what they’ve seen me do in about 8-10 weeks would take normal person years to accomplish. From there I set a goal, I knew that I wanted people to see my work, and if I was to get one celebrity and transformed them that it would catapult my career. And that’s exactly what happened.

Why is it important for African American men to start taking health and wellness more seriously?

I strongly believe that it’s important to live a healthy mental and physical life. So many people are not taking their health seriously as they get older, they feel as if they don’t have to do as much. Which is ultimately resulting in risking your life an