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Corey Calliet: One Man’s Goal to Help People Re-Imagine Themselves

Check out our interview with Celebrity Trainer Corey Calliet below.

Who is Corey Calliet?

I am a celebrity trainer and coach. I would say I’ve been training celebrities for about 2 years but have been in the fitness industry for about 15 years now. I consider myself to be one of the top celebrity trainers in the game. I’ve awarded the opportunity to work with celebrities on actual movie sets and most aren’t giving the chance to, and I am thankful for this. I also boxed for five years, so I would say that I’m well rounded when it comes to sports and transformation.   

Where did the decision to become a fitness trainer stem from?

I was amazed to see what I was able to do for myself, my personal journey and body transformation. I’ve started working out with friends and one mentioned that I should start training others. Stating that, what they’ve seen me do in about 8-10 weeks would take normal person years to accomplish. From there I set a goal, I knew that I wanted people to see my work, and if I was to get one celebrity and transformed them that it would catapult my career. And that’s exactly what happened.

Why is it important for African American men to start taking health and wellness more seriously?

I strongly believe that it’s important to live a healthy mental and physical life. So many people are not taking their health seriously as they get older, they feel as if they don’t have to do as much. Which is ultimately resulting in risking your life and I don’t think that’s the way to live.

I sometimes think of trainers as therapists and motivational speakers. Have there ever been times where your mood or morale has been personally affected by the work you do for others?

I feel like my job is not only to train my clients physically but it also consists of a mental cultivation. If I can’t take your mind to another place than your body won’t follow. I feel as if I’m doing my part when I give all of me to my clients. I have to have the right mindset and the willpower to be able to help someone transform the way they think, feel and look and do better. It makes me happy and lifts me up because it can be draining at times.

How do you stay encouraged enough to inspire others?

When I’m down and out I simply remind myself that you have this job for a reason. It’s not about self it’s about being of service to someone else. This may sound crazy but I tell myself all the time, that you have a job to do and people you are holding accountable.

For someone who is taking on a fitness journey for the first time, what are some tips to start to make sure they stay on track towards their goals?

For someone who’s starting their fitness journey to a healthier lifestyle, I would say take it one day at a time. Find something you love. Rather it being jogging, playing sports, or swimming. Doing something you are already comfortable with won’t allow for you to quit as easily. Because if you try to do something that’s really hard, what’s going to happen is your going to fail because it seems too challenging. We typically don’t like to do challenging stuff and the hard work is what I consider the next step on your journey, but for now, take it easy, find something you love and do it.

What are some common misconceptions about dieting or going to the gym that you wish people would stop saying?

Stop saying results comes overnight. Everybody think that in about 10 days they are going to see a brand new body. They have to understand that it didn’t take 10 days to get your body like it is, it’s not going to take 10 days to build it. Take your time, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I wish people will stop trying to find the easy way out. There’s no quick fix and you have to go through the process.

We are aware of some of your celebrity clientele, particularly Michael B. Jordan, who one would say is becoming a sex symbol. With the recent success of Black Panther, how did you help him prepare for this role and for the Creed franchise?

(Laughing) I can quickly say that I didn’t play a role, I played the role, to be honest. When he met me he was of a smaller frame. I feel like we build his empire by creating the body and image for people to look at. We created something that someone would want to be like, I build my product, and my product sold. It’s doing well and it’s going to continue doing well. I feel like I had a big part in that, that’s why we are still working together and that’s why he’s my best friend. He also played a major role in my life. He’s allowing my work to be seen by the masses.

Can you let us in on any secrets you share with him, as we try to prepare for our summer bodies?

I guess it’s no secret, I just tell him that we can’t fail. It’s up to us and it’s up to him. The days when he wants to take it easy and not go as hard he has to remember that we are being held to a certain standard now. Because we don’t want to ever let anybody say that they are not putting in the work, they’re just all hype. What you get is what you see!

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