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“American Soul” Star Sinqua Walls Covers our Magazine’s Power Issue

The Quintessential Gentleman proudly recognize content creators who are using their platforms to shift the cultural narrative of black men through the arts within our 2019 Winter Power Issue featuring an exclusive interview with the actor, Sinqua Walls, of BET Network’s American Soul series.

“One of the definitions of POWER is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. In this issue you will see examples of men of color and the power they possess,” stated, founder, Eric K. Thomas.

Excerpt: The notion of celebrating being strong, black, and beautiful in the ’70s on national television was a vision foreseen by a black creative who knew that once given the opportunity to showcase black people the way they are meant to be seen, would change the trajectory of entertainment while foreshadowing the blueprint that our ancestors projected.

How can we as influentials use our daily platforms to encourage and advocate for change? I just try to be a progressive light that will guide my generation. So when I go into these rooms, I try to represent them well and make sure my articulation as a man is representative of all my fellow black men,” said Walls. The Power Issue also features interviews with CW’s Dynasty star, Sam Adegoke and Ava DuVernay executive produced Central Park Five costar, Chris Chalk.

View full issue here.

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