Andrew "King Bach" Bachelor: The Power of Social Influence

The power of influence is an unwarranted responsibility. It is a gift and a curse that comes with societal pressures that force an oath of acceptance towards accountability. And for Black people, achieving that power has been our plight. It is the true acknowledgment of the weight that we carry throughout our lives. Our success is no longer just ours as people of color. We speak for the voiceless and we represent for the underrepresented. There is an obligation to be upheld by Black media, celebrities, leaders and social influencers. We all must assist with sculpting the Black presence in the imprint of America.

Social media has been a resourceful tool in bringing awareness to the Black experience. With one click, you are exposed to real-time accounts of LWB. That is living while Black. Social media has a vital role in how news spreads to the intended receiver and the overall messaging. Actor, comedian, and influencer, Andrew Bachelor, also known as King Bach, is among the growing class of celebrities using their platforms to speak out against racial biases, inequalities and systematic structures that are suppressing the Black community. “I feel that it’s important for celebrities to speak about social injustice because it affects us, it affects everyone. I don't care where you are now, everyone must be included in the message; even though some people may not experience some of the inequalities right now, there was a point when we all did. And it’s important to speak about that,” said Bach.

The Black man is under siege and ther