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Quavo Will Spotlight Youth Sports, Combat Gun Violence At This Year's Huncho Day


Quavo is about to make Atlanta’s youth sports event even bigger. As Huncho Day enters its seventh year, the former Migos member aims to expand the experience by adding two new games to the program.

Team Huncho Basketball and Team Huncho Elite 7v7 football (both owned and created by Quavo) will make their first appearance at the event. Comprised of young male athletes from Atlanta, these games will accompany the yearly celebrity football game and count toward their regular season. The Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Falcons will still be hosting their normal youth clinics and combines at the event as well, making this hands down the biggest youth sports day in the city.


Originally a day to promote Black empowerment and unity, Huncho Day 2024 has taken a more anti-gun violence theme in response to the shooting death of Quavo’s cousin and musical collaborator Takeoff, who passed away in 2022.


Proceeds from this year’s sold-out Huncho Day will be used to fund another project of Quavo’s called Rocket Camp. Named in memory of Takeoff, Rocket Camp is a new 10-week youth program meant to intervene in the yearly summer violence amongst young Atlanteans.


“I am honored to launch this grant program to honor Take and the countless families that have been affected by gun violence,” Quavo said in a recent statement. “There is a lot of important work going on in ATL right now, and part of our mission is to uplift these organizations and support them to help save more lives.”

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Kari Maru
Kari Maru
May 06

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