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“The Crisis of Black America” Featuring Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor - The Culture Issue

Black America is suffering at the helms of two cultural pandemics. In the midst of the growing spread of the coronavirus and the abrupt halt in life as we’ve once known it to be, the entire world got to bear witness to the mass murders of Black people by the hands of police. With the overwhelming outcries for simple liberties falling upon deaf ears a social revolution was ignited, with the hopes of taking a stance against corruption, racism, police brutality, and systems of disenfranchisement. This is the current crisis of Black America in 2020.

Within the pages of The Quintessential Gentleman’s Culture Issue, you will read stories, opinions, and reflections from thought leaders, political figures, and celebrities on the state of the culture. We speak with national guardsman Khaled Abdelghany, actress Kim Fields, actor and comedian, Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, and more.

In our cover story interview with Bachelor, we’ve asked about his thoughts on the protests and marches happening around the world. “You can see that now the awareness is really there and people really care. Now we need to start making sure that the laws are changed and things are really being done. You want to grow up and see change, and the only way you can see change is if you make the change,” he says.

"Not only does The Culture Issue chronicle the events that led up to where we are today, it also explores a deeper understanding of the need for change and reform. We must continue to expose the long-standing racial inequalities in every aspect of our lives in this country. We need to hold this country and its leaders accountable for the mistreatment of its minority citizens," stated Editor-in-Chief, Eric K. Thomas.

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