Jomaree Pinkard Speaks on the Challenges of Entrepreneurship as Co-Founder of Hella Cocktail Co.

Jomaree Pinkard is a man who always had visions of success like most. He has traveled. He has been educated and has always had a goal to create and own something that he could be proud of and the world could appreciate. Truth be told, he is "hella" proud of his business endeavor Hella Cocktail Company, which he created with his friends Tobin Ludwig and Eddie Simeon.

Born in New York, but having the chance to grow and learn from attending The University of Virginia and The University of Pennsylvania, Jomaree has always strived to learn as much as he could while preparing to one day be the success he always envisioned. He considers himself fortunate to have been able to experience different forms of life and people through work, school, or the 20 or 30 countries he has traveled to. He has been able to build his sociability, business knowledge and then apply them to the current path he is on.

In between experiences, Jomaree would often get together with his friends, which led them to create a hobby that would eventually grow to become something so much greater than they expected. When they would get together, they would watch sports, make homemade pizza and then try to one-up each other making cocktails with a secret called cocktail bitters, which is a flavorful infusion of spices, root and sometimes fruit. If you are familiar with cocktail preparations, the simple definition is the spirit, water, usually ice, some kind of sugar and bitters. "It was a hobby amongst friends that was never meant to be a company but completely got out of control and became Hella Cocktail Co." says Jomaree.

What inspired you to turn your hobby into a company and share it with the world?

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