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Sea Salt Restaurant Opens New Howell Mill Location in Atlanta

Earlier this year, we got the opportunity to share our experience with you as we visited Sea Salt Lounge in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta.

The upscale Black-owned seafood destination has expanded and recently opened the doors of its new location. Located in the Howell Mill area of Atlanta, the Sea Salt brand aims to bring the same comfortable atmosphere that they vowed to bring to the original location.

During the private opening, hosted by Sea Salts founder Juan Farmer, welcomed over 100 guests including media, influencers, and celebrities. We had the chance to experience such delicacies as oysters, fried lobster tails, crab balls, and jerk pasta, along with crafted Patrón Tequila cocktails.

“We are truly grateful for the outpouring of support from the community, and we will continue to create memorable dining experiences for our guests,” said Farmer.

The restaurant is now open to the general public. Check out the new location for yourself at 1801 Howell Mill Road, Suite 400, Atlanta, GA, 30318

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While it seems you've mixed up the names, it's worth noting that Sea Salt Restaurant on Howell Mill in Atlanta seems to offer an incredible dining experience. Much like a notable restaurant in Hamilton, the emphasis on quality ingredients and innovation is apparent. A fusion of local sourcing and international flair, this restaurant is a testament to how the culinary landscape is continuously evolving. If it's anything like its Hamilton counterpart, Atlanta's food scene just got a whole lot more exciting with Sea Salt's addition.

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