Tech Entrepreneur Ken Clay Says Deciding What Not to Do is as Important as Deciding What to Do

Technology has been an integral part of how individuals are staying connected especially since social interaction seems to be at an ultimate distance these days. Brands are finding more suitable ways to engage with consumers that fit their current behavioral needs while effectively keeping the brand on-trend and relevant. As we continue to evolve into a touchless society, companies are leaning on forward-thinking ingenious masterminds like Ken Clay, the CEO of Trackit Technology, to advance their growth by delivering revolutionary solutions.

Trackit Technology develops customizable display software where brand correspondence and audience engagement intertwines. With an extensive professional network that ranges from executives of fortune 500 companies to professional athletes, Ken has quickly established himself as an upcoming business leader through various industries.

As a Black man navigating the predominantly white world of tech, he shares with us the importance of being his own boss and how to sustain longevity.

What successful entrepreneur has had the most influence on you?

I've never met this person before, but Jack Dorsey, the CEO, and founder of Twitter and Square. His ability to stick to his instincts and grow not one but two multi-billion-dollar tech companies is inspiring. I gravitate towards Jack because growing his businesses and following his passion wasn't just about the money. It was about creating freedom and putting yourself in a position to give back. For example, he is a HU