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Do More In Different Ways With Google's New​ Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold

Another day, another consumer-focused product from Google. The latest from the alphabet company promises to be an all-encompassing entertainment hot spot for customers looking for an innovative product to show off to their tech-forward friends and family.

The days of oversized phones that barely fits into your pocket are over. Google has introduced its new Pixel Fold, a powerful, thin and pocket-size product from the tech company. The first foldable phone engineered by Google, it’s an ultra-premium pixel smartphone in a new form factor. A pixel phone on the outside and a big immersive display on the inside for movies, photos, work and multitasking. Now, you can do more, in so many ways.

Google Pixel Fold

Google's state-of-the-art design is built to last. Pixel Fold is Google’s foldable smartphone, with a thoughtful design. When folded, it’s a phone that fits in your hand. Unfolded, it’s an immersive landscape display.

The thinnest foldable true pocket size. Pixel Fold is the thinnest foldable phone folded or unfolded. It’s easy to hold, and the design adapts to you so you can work and play from anywhere. The stainless steel hinge is smooth, secure, and the most durable of any foldable


Powered by Google Tensor G2, Google’s custom-made chip, Pixel Fold offers ultra-fast performance for multitasking and entertainment. For the first time on Pixel, Google Tensor G2 powers a new foldable camera and exclusive features like Live Translate interpreter mode, using both the inner and outer screens simultaneously for easier face-to-face conversations in different languages.

With a price tag of $1,800, some consumers may be turned off by the price, but the competitive cost isn't unusual for smartphones among other big companies. An investment that will definitely stand the test of time.


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