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Google Keeps Consumers In Mind With Latest Pixel Tablet Release

Pixel Tablet

Yes, we are almost in the year 2024 and tablets are still being launched among big tech companies. Apple still upgrades its iPad year after year. Samsung and Amazon have both entered the tablet business with their respective technology all built to bring in consumers year after year. Now, Google is here with its Google Pixel Tablet release.

To be fair this is Google's first Android tablet in eight years. This time, the company is looking to take over or at least bring in a new set of customers who are looking for the hottest new items to make their lives a bit easier. The price ranges from $499 to $899 and comes with a magnetic charging speaker dock to enable its dual-function superpower, which will help with all of Google's recent software updates.

Pixel Tablet

Google continues to think about its consumers by allowing them to create different profiles on the newest tablet, meaning you can share the device with your family. Google apps have been redesigned to amplify the larger screen. Gmail has a split-pane view with your inbox on the left and an open email on the right. Chrome looks like the desktop browser and can place two active windows side-by-side in a split-screen as can Google Docs and other apps.

The tablet was also made with the multi-taser in mind. Multitasking is handled by a dock or taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Drag and drop an app from it to one side of the screen to enter split-screen mode or press and hold on the app icon to pop up a little menu to achieve the same result.

Let's talk about “Hub Mode,” which allows anyone to talk to the tablet as if it was Google's Nest Hub smart display. Attach the tablet to its magnetic dock to charge, and it turns into your personal assistant. Ask Google for food recipe videos, play music, or set timers.

The latest product from Google shows that the company continues to take big swings in the tech space and establishes its commitment to consumers' needs and wants, even if they don't know it yet.


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