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How to Increase Sexual Stamina for Men

When does a guy reach his sexual peak? Is it in his 20s? In his 40s? Research has shown that the idea of sexual peaks is pretty outdated and a man in his 50s could easily be delivering the best sexual performance of his lifetime.

Being good at sex and lasting long enough is essential for a guy’s self-confidence and even for his mental health.

Luckily, there are strategies that can be utilized effectively to last longer. Here are some of the approaches known to deliver the best results.

The Start-Stop Technique

The start-stop technique is one of the oldest approaches to lasting longer in bed and it does work.

It entails one simple thing – if you get way too excited and you find yourself close to climaxing, discontinue the respective activity and try out something else. A change in rhythm and depth of penetration could help you last longer.

Once you get the hang of it, you can repeat the process as many times as you need to fully satisfy your partner.

Toys and Adult Products for Men

Various types of male adult toys and products have been created especially for the purpose of building stamina. Some of these solutions tend to deliver much better effects than others.

According to HotCherry "penis sleeves can be beneficial for someone who has difficulty getting an erection or maintaining an erection for a longer period of time."

Not only will that product make your length and girth more impressive, but it will also reduce sensitivity a bit. When you aren’t getting that intense pleasure, you can easily control your performance and last longer.

Deal with Performance Anxiety and Stress

While society doesn’t generally acknowledge the fact, men are put under a lot of pressure to deliver a stellar sexual performance every single time. As a result, performance anxiety is a pretty common phenomenon.

Performance anxiety often turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy – if you’re too worried that you’re not going to last long, this is potentially what would happen.

Stress and anxiousness are not your friends when it comes to being perceived as a sex god.

Some of the best ways to handle these issues are the simplest ones. Talk to your partner about your emotions and get some reassurance. Focus on foreplay and get her off before moving on to actual sex. When you do so, there will be a lot less pressure on you.

Masturbating before having sex with a partner is another good approach to let off some steam and also make sure you will last longer.

Have More Sex!

Practice makes perfect and this is definitely a true claim in the realm of sex.

You know that your performance isn’t optimal when you go for a longer period of time without intimacy. Being way too excited and a little bit uncertain will not result in a night-long marathon.

The more sex you have with a partner, the better you’ll become at pleasing them and also controlling your excitement. Arousal and stamina are two things you can be in charge of when you become more mindful of your body, how it functions and how it interacts with the other body in the bed.

Make Sure You’re Not Dealing with a Health Issue

An inability to last long in bed and the lack of stamina could sometimes be the sign of a medical problem. Alternatively, these may be the side effects of a medication you’re taking for a chronic medical condition.

If you are consistently dissatisfied with your sexual performance, schedule an appointment with an experienced urologist.

Getting sexual issues or other medical problems properly diagnosed can easily contribute to a massive improvement in your performance.

Deal with Your Negative Habits

Cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and putting on too much weight because of your love for junk food can all make stamina go downhill.

Good sex is heavily dependent on the condition that your body is in.

The negative habits mentioned here can lead to health problems that will affect your ability to get an erection or last long enough in bed. The nicotine in cigarettes, for example, narrows blood vessels and you know that you need proper circulation to maintain a big erection long enough.

Good sex is all about being healthy, paying attention to your partner’s needs and communicating openly with each other.

It’s ok to deliver a subpar performance every now and then. If this turns into a chronic issue, however, do be brave and bold enough to address it. Trying to sweep the issue under the carpet isn’t going to work and such a strategy will only deprive you from experiencing great sex. So, be a man about it and face the issue head-on. Chances are that you’ll find more than one viable solution.


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