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For the Love of Money: Are Companies Really Showing Up and Putting Out for Black Lives Matter

Let’s take it back. Remember in high school when you were in your economics class? Remember learning about supply and demand? I know I do, and one thing I remember is that it was about businesses giving us the products we wanted when we demanded it. It's how we live. Its how we shop. It is literally what we do. In this day and age, with many events surrounding the race war we are dealing with, and the famous Black Lives Matter movement that’s pushing and driving change around police brutality, we wonder how businesses are supplying the thing we demand the most, their support.

For over 400 years, African Americans have been oppressed primarily for economic reasons. America, especially the economy, has profited from African Americans enslavement, oppression, and prison sentences.

One thing I noticed while researching online and on social media is that many of these companies we support and shop from don’t have people of color on their leadership team. I thought to myself, “where’s the diversity and inclusion?” One of the things we desire to have during this time is people and companies who stand with us. Too many times during this time, I’ve seen people bash, talk about and downright be ugly towards people of color. It’s time for companies to finally stand up and show us that because we support them, they support us. It excites me to see companies such as Netflix give back to the cause.

Netflix’s C.E.O. Reed Hastings gave $120 Million to Historically Black Colleges, and the company also gave $100 Million in deposits to fund and bolster Black banks. Sephora altered their rewards program during June to give back. Their program allows Sephora Beauty Insiders to redeem points for donations to the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC), a civil rights organization dedicated to empowering Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Fashion Nova has committed to donating $1 million throughout 2020 to organizations including, Black Lives Matter, the NAACP Legal and Education Fund, and Know Your Rights Camp.

In a post on Twitter, YouTube stated “We stand in solidarity against racism and violence. When members of our community hurt, we all hurt. We’re pledging $1M in support of efforts to address social injustice.” Several more companies are supporting the cause such as Gap Inc., Fabletics, Amazon and more. However, it's still not enough. Where’s the NFL? What are they doing besides saving face? Let’s just say actions speak louder than words. They bashed, blacklisted, and ridiculed Colin Kaepernick for kneeling for justice for people of color. Yet now, they claim Black Lives Matter. Do they? Put your money where your mouth is!

All in all, businesses must step up. Not only online and in statements, but also in monetary value. We support them daily with our hard-earned money buying their products and keeping their business afloat. Why can't they help us keep our Black lives afloat?


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