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Five Ways Men Can Stay Social and Safe at the Same Time During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Unfortunately, meeting up for a beer and catching the game at the local sports bar isn’t an option during the COVID-19 outbreak. Even as some areas are slowly opening up, clusters of positive cases are popping up all around the country, prompting local governments to continue encouraging residents to stay home.

Without a vaccine, we will likely be dealing with rounds of outbreaks and partial openings throughout the rest of 2020 and possibly even beyond. That can really put a damper on your social life, but it doesn’t have to!

There are many ways you can stay social and safe at the same time, even while COVID-19 is part of our lives.

Don’t Shy Away From Calls and Texts

Phone calls have always been a good way to keep in touch, even if it hasn’t been the most popular way for men to keep in touch. However, in circumstances when gathering together isn’t an option, making a phone call is a great way to catch up with someone.

You may not necessarily want to call and speak with your friends for hours at a time, but it’s not a bad idea to pick up the phone to stay in contact with family members. Mom would love it if you would call!

Texting is also a great option, especially for those who want to minimize the amount of time they spend talking on the phone. Check in on friends and family, send memes, and carry on text-based conversations. Platforms, like Snapchat, can also be a great way to stay in touch.

Spend Time Playing Video Games

Playing video games gets a bad rap. It’s been said that it encourages violence among kids, and it’s nothing but a waste of time among adults—but it’s not a waste of time. Playing online video games is a great way to socialize!

Schedule a time to play video games with friends so you can chat with each other while you play. You can also hop onto a server and join a group of people you’ve never met before. It can be a great way to make new connections during a time when getting out and making new friends is so difficult.

Schedule a Video Happy Hour

There is a lot to be concerned about in today’s world. Getting together and enjoying a drink would be a great way to decompress and unwind. Fortunately, you don’t need a restaurant or bar in order to enjoy happy hour with your friends.

Video happy hours are gaining in popularity. You simply grab your beverage of choice at the grocery store, schedule a time to get together on a platform, like Skype or Zoom, and chat together over a drink like you would if you were to get together in person.

Not only are happy hours an option but you can also consider sharing dinner, playing a game, or watching a movie. Doing something on a video chat is a great way to make it feel more natural and to have more fun than simply trying to have a conversation.

Plan a Social Distanced Get-Together

Although there are many ways to communicate with others from the comfort of your home, nothing compares to getting together in person. Although you may not be able to gather in a crowded bar or sports stadium, there are still ways you can get together while maintaining social distance.

Consider things like:

  • Parking in a parking lot to enjoy a few beers

  • Go to a small outdoor event, like a car show

  • Chat with neighbors across the fence

Take the Necessary Precautions If You Meet With Anyone in Person

As restrictions are lifted, you may be tempted to go out into the world to meet up with your friends and family. If it’s allowed where you live, there’s no harm in meeting up at a restaurant or having someone visit you at home, as long as you take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and everyone else safe.

Wear a mask if you’re out in public or if you’re in close proximity to another person. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently, and avoid touching your face. Disinfecting is a good idea if you have someone over.

The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t have to ruin your social life! You may not be getting together in a crowded bar or sports stadium, but there are plenty of other ways you can catch up with friends and family without endangering your health.