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Your Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

It’s that time of year again, for lovers and friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives.  It’s the one time of year that love is on full display with chocolates, teddy bears, hearts, and candies.  You better not come home empty handed on this day of all days! This doesn’t mean don’t show love the other 364 days though loved ones.  Not only is V-Day for women, as it’s always demonstrated, but men deserve “love” too. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered this Sweethearts’ day.


Tonal is an amazing new digital home gym and your man will love it, especially for the fitness dad that finds himself on power weigh benches more often than he’s off them.  He can get his workout on and stay home doing so! It’s perfect for on-demand workouts and personal coaching.  You can learn more about it and get his here.   


Men have a stylish subscription service too and it’s intended to keep your man’s wardrobe updated and relevant, providing advice he can get.  You can also purchase a gift card and they’ll send him fresh new clothes. Click Here.

The Dad Gang

Love this so much!  Never discredit the father that your King is.  This is perfect for him! Devale Ellis of ‘The Ellises’ rocks this gang’s line and your man can get his too.  He deserves it. Click Here.


If your bae is a beer lover, this is super ideal and fun.  uKeg 64 will make a world of difference to him. Click Here.


You can never go wrong with a classic pair!  Nothing else needed to say, get them here.


Slippers!  They’ve got several pair for your man.  You know what kind suits him best. Take your pick, but it’s that time of year to snuggle and be warm!  Perfect for this season. Click Here.


If your man carries a backpack, whether to class or work or to be organized in business, this is your go-to.  For Valentine’s Day, it’ll be a thoughtful treat to match his swag and have him in style. Click Here.

New Era

Everybody knows you can never go wrong buying anything with your man’s favorite sports team!  Well it’s cold outside and a simple but effective sports team beanie will surely do the trick.  Click Here.

WRCIBO on Amazon

If you say your man is a music lover and loves collecting records, get him this and bet he’ll rock you tonight for old times sake.  Click Here.

Uncommon Green

Available in every type of glass, you can design and customize your own according to any etched city map and a unique message too.  If your man was born in a particular city or if you got married there, this is your opportunity to get his own barware. Click Here.


For your man’s convenience, while traveling or on the move, this T-Mobile mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit is the perfect gift, so thoughtful and easy. He could use this for sure! It’s equipped with everything, wall piece, car piece, and USB cord. No excuse not to have one! Click Here.


Ladies, it’s cold outside and G-Shock has the ideal accessory to compliment bae’s outfit. This Valentine’s Day he can be in style with one of their watches and be the envy of all his boys. Click Here.


What if you both had matching undies?  That’s right, you and the boo can be cute and sexy together in a set of your choice.  Click Here.


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