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Impress Your Guest with These Wine and Cheese Pairing

On Thursday, September 26th, we invited a group of friends to experience “The Art Of Hosting” at The French Cheese Board in the vibrant Soho district of New York City.

The Art of Hosting was a curated evening for young professionals with their pulse on the city. During the event, attendees learned from leading experts in the wine and cheese industry how to properly pair the two in the confines of their own home. The tasting consisted of three pairings; a Brillat Savarin with a Chardonnay, a Valençay with a Côte du Rhône, and a Beaufort with a Pinot Noir. We can all agree that there is an art to hosting and that every single, microscopic detail adds to one’s experience.

We encourage that you try these pairings at your next social gathering and if you have any questions about what goes well together do not hesitate to reach out to The French Cheese Board. Remember that first impression is key, now impress your guests. Check the gallery below and click here for the sheet from our Art of Hosting event.  

Photo Credit: Fresco


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