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'Love & Marriage:​ Huntsville' Star Martell Holt, Carlos King Headline MOCTales Series in Atlanta

On Wednesday, The Quintessential Gentleman hosted an intimate screening and fireside chat in Atlanta as part of its MOCTales series.

Martell Holt and Carlos King

During the event, the upcoming episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville (LAMH) was exclusively viewed followed by a conversation with reality TV star Martell Holt and Executive Producer Carlos King, who opened up about the show, brotherhood, representation and all things reality TV.

Justin D. Jenkins, Martell Holt and Carlos King

Moderated by our Managing Editor, Justin D. Jenkins, the evening began with a cocktail hour where guests enjoyed two themed-based cocktails and hors d'oeuvres provided by Black-owned businesses Drink Please and BigBabyJ's Events and Catering while being immersed in a high-tech atmosphere provided by MODEx for their viewing experience.

MOCTales is an avenue for Men of Color (MOC) influencing culture to share their journey toward obtaining success. “Reality TV has become a viable space for Black and brown entrepreneurs to showcase their business endeavors and allows the masses to become aware of their brands in support of growing our culture,” says Editor-in-chief, Eric K. Thomas. "It was important for us to host this event for Carlos and Martell to not only support the content that gives audiences a look into the lives of successful Black people but also allows a safe space for Black men to discuss the challenges of being on TV.”

Eric K. Thomas, Martell Holt and Carlos King

Viewers have allowed the cast of LAMH into their homes since its premiere in 2019. The show that features affluent Black couples has become OWN's most-watched series. Often facing scrutiny for his journey on the show, Holt is one of the more polarizing figures on reality TV. Although audiences tune into each episode to watch the latest business deals, drama, and antics among the cast, Holt mentioned that he "hasn't watched an episode of the show since the first episode premiered." For King, watching with a live audience is always "fun because you get to see the reaction in real-time." When the right things connect, King says it indicates that the job was done.

The next episode of LAMH, which premieres Saturday, April 29, shows Holt in the hot seat while discussing his dating life with Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Sheree Whitfield. Marsau and Maurice Scott grills Holt, leading the wine owner to ask why his dating life is always a hot topic.

Check out our exclusive MOCTales event below.

Check out photos from the event below.

Photo Credit: Dash McIntosh


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