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What to Get Your Wife for Mother’s Day

Getting a gift for your Mother was easy! But what to get for that special lady in your life is a little harder! You’re not a woman and you have to take this very serious! She is the mother of your child and you want to show her how much you care and appreciate her. Here is a list of gifts that will make her Mother’s Day special!

Fine Jewelry

Just like any other holiday and any gift you could give, jewelry is always safe. Who wouldn’t be happy when they’re draped In haruni jewelry? But the type of jewelry that you give really speaks volumes. It lets her know that you really know her. These pieces created by Jemily will really set the standard high. Their “Game of Thrones” ring – so dubbed because of its sexy Gothic setting – is shown above in Green Amethyst. The 12 carat Cabochon ring also comes in Purple Amethyst, Rock Crystal and Smokey Topaz. The stone is cradled in 18kt Gold (remarkably set in an upside down style to maximize its beauty of the stone). The Jemily Idrissa Cuffs, also shown above, are for a delicate wrist. Created in 18kt Gold and diamonds, the cuffs are available in yellow, rose and white gold. Click here to purchase.


There’s nothing more exquisite than a spoon full of caviar. The quality of product that KHAVYAR offers is second to none, and sustainability is more than a business practice – it is a passion born of respect of our environment. KHAVYAR is the culmination of business and principals and believes that exquisite caviar can be enjoyed at any price point without sacrificing quality. Click here to purchase.

Singing Machine

Perfect gift for a first-time mom or a young couple who like’s entertaining! This is your new musical best friend: THE REMIX Hi-Def Karaoke System harmonizes convenience with fun. Build your music library with the User Interface; search for songs and craft custom playlists right from the system, then flip on the LED Disco Light Show for a karaoke experience that delivers the Wow Factor! If you’re dreaming of streaming look no further: the REMIX is Bluetooth compatible, and comes with an 8GB USB that allows you to upload karaoke videos, record vocals to playback later, and more! Click here to purchase.

Powhow – Tantra Lessons


Tantra will give your wife the necessary “me time” she so desperately needs to feel empowered, energized and sexy.

Meg Berry is one of the few trained in America by Tantra Master Psalm Isadora to teach the ancient teachings of Tantra, from which yoga split off of 800 years ago and offers women (and men) the opportunity to not only reconnect with their body/emotions/sexuality through movement and breathwork but also become more empowered. Her personalized version is called Tantra Core, a mix of Tantra and Pilates.

For a limited time, book Meg’s one-on-one personalized 1 hr Goddess Core session (Tantra Core for women only) at a discount through the virtual fitness site It will give you the tools for finding deeper satisfaction, not only in sex and love, but also in relationships of all kinds and life in general. Click here to learn more.

FAB Mom Guide

FAB Moms Guide

The FAB Mom’s Guide, authored by lifestyle expert and television personality Jill Simonian, is unlike any other pregnancy/new-mom book on the market — it’s focused on developing and maintaining resilience (mind, body & spirit) after having a baby (f-a-b = focused after baby). The book is a fast and practical read that’s packed with fun, funny and sometimes-controversial to-do’s for first time moms — offering over 50 ‘fixes’ from the last trimester of pregnancy through the first year of baby’s life — to keep a new mom emotionally refreshed and mentally reinvented after baby. Click here to purchase.


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