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What to Get Your Mother this Mother’s Day

It’s almost that time! You know the time when you have to find something to buy the person who gave you life and brought you into this world. But what to get your mother? Well, the Quintessential Gentleman has you covered. We looked around and were able to find a few things your mother would enjoy this Mother’s Day!

Fursan Handbags

Bags, bags, and more bags. Your mother can never have enough, which is why looking into something like handbags australia would be the best route for you to go down if you are looking for a range of designer bags for your mother. From totes and handbags to clutches, you’ll be able to find something that your mother would appreciate for this special occasion. You don’t have to spend too much money, as it is the thought that counts.

But if you can afford this, the most luxurious bags to come to the United States are now available! The Dazzah is the #ItBag of 2017! Dazzah Collection by Fursan is inspired by the beauty and prestige of the Qatari Heritage. Each handbag is crafted by one artisan to ensure that the merchandise has a sense of consistency. Having this bag is a dream, and your mother will be so grateful. You should probably teach her how to clean a leather purse properly before attempting to clean this one. It’s practically a work of art. Fursan handbags are distinct and combine modern and elegant elements in their collection that make Fursan handbags a must have accessory. Handpicked material is also used to create each handbag which allows the handbag to bring out the light and charisma of the Fursan woman. Click here to purchase.

Nina’s Day Spa

Your mother needs a nice day of pampering! A great gift here in New York City is a day of relaxation at Nina’s Day Spa. This Mother’s Day let your mom be pampered with an Aromatherapy Facial at Nina’s Day Spa. Rich, soothing essences and a gentle hydrating treatment will leave her skin supple and glowing. Call Nina at (212) 594-9610 to book and Click here for more information.

Cupcakes In A Jar

What mother doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Baked Cravings is a new cupcake shop located in Harlem, New York that offers their customers a variety of customized cupcakes in small mason jars that will make your sweet tooth happy.

Baked Cravings started when founders Craig Watson and Rui Kojima met while working in a world-renowned bakery in New York City. Wanting to share their love for cupcakes, they have partnered with bakery manager, Edwin Figueroa to create delectable pastries that will have you CRAVING for more! Click here to learn more!

Flashpoint Candles

Luxury Candles are the ways to light up your mother’s heart. The Hamilton candle is hand-poured in Ohio by American candle artisans. These large decorative candles are 20lbs of wax and sprinkled with 17 cotton wicks for maximum glow and an exceptional light cast. Each Hamilton candle vessel is made from Earthenware clay and handmade into a unique low bowl pottery styling. Each pottery piece is of the highest quality and finished with beautiful reactive glazing and hand dipped interior glaze of the FlashPoint Candle signature sky blue. Click here to purchase.


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