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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Check out these gifts that would be great for her this Valentine’s day!

Goodnight Darling

Goodnight Darling offers a deep detox. bath soak designed to calm their busy day and unwind before a restful good night’s sleep. It was developed to aid the many women paving their ways through the urban jungle by blending pink Himalayan and dead sea salts by hand, accented with rose petals, and mixed in soothing eucalyptus and lavender essential oils for the ultimate self-care treat. It is a powerful, detox bath to soothe dry, irritated skin and aching muscles of even the busiest woman’s worries away in a single soak. Price $23.00

Tocca Giulietta Candela

Sweet green apple and the blooming pink tulips of Corsica whisper to the never-ending honeymoon between Fellini and his beloved wife, Giulietta. Price $42.00

SoJo Spa Club offers an unparalleled wellness experience – a reimagined Korean bathhouse, marrying traditional treatments from a variety of global cultures with the modern luxury of an American spa. Located just outside New York City, SoJo is situated on the Hudson River in Edgewater, NJ. This year, the outdoor facilities have been fully winterized so guests can enjoy year-round access to outdoor (as well as indoor) pools and baths. Price $50 on weekdays and $60 on weekends/holidays

Bang Cookies

Bang Cookies, a luxe, all-natural, organic cookie company, was created two years ago as a response to run-of-the-mill cookie companies who couldn’t produce giant cookies that were just as rich and sinfully delicious as they are #Instagrammable.

For the stuffed cookies, they have already launched and the flavors include:

  1. PB&J – PB & J sandwiches are the stuff of childhood memories. Now make more room for new memories with our PB & J cookies. An amazing organic peanut butter cookie that’s giant-sized and soft baked stuffed with organic strawberry jam. You get the sweetness and slight tartness from the strawberry jam infused with peanut buttery goodness. All this hunk of a cookie paired with our cookie delivery makes it seem like there’s a party in your mouth and everyone’s invited.

  2. Cookie Covered Strawberry Jam – chocolate covered strawberries….meet your match. Cookie covered strawberry jam. For those that love chocolate and strawberries, this would be a match made in heaven. Organic strawberry jam that is slightly tart and sweet paired with our chocolatey goodness cookie.

  3. Sea Salt & Caramel – will be the Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk cookie stuffed with caramel.

Price starting at $4.50

Get your babe’s heart racing with the latest edition of the Apple Watch. Available in a stylish gold pink finish, this smartwatch is not only packed with a heart rate sensor, GPS, and fast dual-core processor but comes cellular connected – allowing your loved one the freedom to connect no matter where they go. And, for a limited time, save yourself an extra $50 when you purchase any Apple Watch Series 3 with T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan with qualifying DIGITS plan. Price $399.99

A three-piece kit featuring two full-sized individual Wanderout Dual Lipsticks housed in a mini Pucker Up Pouch. This kit features individual Wanderout Lipsticks housed in a mini Pucker Up Pouch. Wear Miss Behave for the day and Girl Boss for a night out. Wanderout Lipsticks are infused with eight globally inspired, lip-loving ingredients that provide all-day creamy hydration.  Great for your BFF, work wife, girlfriend, sister or any lipstick lover. Price $25

Bibo Machine

Bibo Barmaid, a smart, single-serve cocktail machine that allows users to create expertly blended mixed drinks at home with the touch of a button. The Bibo Gift set includes the Bibo smart cocktail machine, a cocktail shaker, and 3 delicious naturally flavored cocktail mix pouches: Cucumber Melon, Margarita, and Tangerine Paloma.  Refills of everyone’s favorite flavors can easily be ordered online. Additional flavors available include: Mai Tai, Rum Punch, and Appletini. Price $199


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