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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gentleman

Valentine’s Day is an unusual holiday for gifts for your boyfriend or husband. The gifts that are given on this day are more than the gifts given on Father’s Day, his Birthday or Christmas. These gifts come from the heart and should have as much thought put into them as such. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a Quintessential Gentleman this Valentine’s Day, check out our list below.

Armitron Watches

Amitron watches were made for the modern gentleman. For over 60 years, Armitron has offered functional, elegant, reliable timepieces for men and women at affordable price points. Each of its wide range of watches has unique detail and features including genuine diamonds, Swarovski crystals, chronograph movements, solid stainless steel and genuine leathers. Armitron values individuality and encourages its wearers to express their own unique styles and personalities through their accessories.

Markus Leather Briefcase

Sophisticated and streamlined, the Markus collection from MCM Worldwide is ready to conduct business. The lightweight full grain leather piece features strategic pocket placement and antibacterial performance lining for prolonged wear. Luxurious shiny black cobalt hardware to keep goods safely intact. A mens leather briefcase really is the perfect gift for a work driven gentleman.

Beard Guyz

It’s 2017 and having a beard is in! Beard Guyz is a collection of grooming products made from the finest ingredients nature has to offer. Combining natural oils, conditioning butters, herbal extracts and vitamins into formulas that clean, condition and moisturize facial hair as well as care for your skin, they have been beard tested and are barber recommended!

Mission Belt

As a gentleman a belt is essential. When you buy a Mission Belt you become part of a great philanthropic effort – or as they like to call it, THE MISSION. At Mission Belt, they don’t just want you to look good – they want you to feel good too. That’s why a dollar from every belt goes to fight hunger and poverty worldwide through micro-lending.


This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for couples looking to turn up the heat in the bedroom. Pulse is the first ever high-tech, touchless, preheating, and dispensing system for personal care formulations. Pulse transforms and dramatically improves your lubricant experience for the first time in over 100 years. With one simple and smooth motion of the hand, Pulse’s sophisticated state-of-the-art technology engages the dispensing mechanism and begins to warm up Pulse’s lubricants in just five to seven minutes.

Montez Renault

Montez Renault is an award winning grooming collection of hair, body and skincare products crafted from the highest quality, organic, and all-natural ingredients and based in sound science. Founded by former college football teammates and men’s grooming-club entrepreneurs Karlos Montez Dansby ( NFL Linebacker for Cincinnati Bengals) and Christopher Renault Butler, Montez Renault set out to elevate men’s grooming essentials crafted from a scientific, health-centered approach.

1800 Tequila

They say the way to a man’s heart is through food. But if you really want to wow him on February 14th, then perhaps a different Valentine’s Day gift is in order. And no, this doesn’t require investing in super sexy lingerie or mastering some Fifty Shades of Grey-style moves. It merely involves a trip to the nearest liquor store. 1800 Silver is double distilled and a special selection of white tequilas is blended together for added complexity and character. The result is a premium tequila with a smoother, more interesting flavor than most on the market.

FLI Charge

Imagine not having your heart skip a beat when your phone drops below 20%; or not having to ask your friend/the bartender/a total stranger if they have a charger you can borrow. FLI Charge is an oasis for your devices, charging them all together at once. With its patented charging technology, you can now simply place your device atop the pad, or on any surface in which FLI Charge is embedded, and have your device consistently at 100%.

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