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Smart Ways to Prepare For Your Retirement

Life can be a challenging journey, but the hustle and bustle of youth will not last forever. Thoughts of retirement reap people’s minds from a young age. You may have been contributing to your retirement fund from the moment you snagged your first job and have since negotiated for higher employer matches a plethora of times. After all, spending the last few decades of your life in comfort and luxury is the dream.

For decades, nursing homes were the housing norm for people of old age. While they are still viable — and necessary — for those who suffer from severe diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, not everyone has to spend their years in a stuffy little house. Active seniors now opt for retirement villages such as the Beauty Point resort, which offers resort-level amenities and a wonderful community for you to retire in bliss.

Preparing For Retirement

Retirement is the biggest thing you will have to save for during the span of your career. It mainly involves securing housing and enough money to last you all throughout your old age. If you are really up to it, then you can even add in luxury cars and other big-ticket items into your bucket list to purchase. Imagining the cost of living your retirement years in luxury can be daunting, especially when you are not at an optimum point in your career. An excellent way to start is to determine what you want to do and where you want to settle down. Having a goal will make saving much more comfortable, as you can calculate the amount of money you need to set aside each month to meet particular savings goals. The most important thing you have to prepare is a source of passive income. Whether it is long-term stocks, monetizing a hobby, or setting up a profitable business, any source of income beats nothing at all. It will account for your plan B on the occasion that the economy over-inflates or if your lifestyle is too expensive to sustain.

Purchase Property Early

The housing market is rather shaky. Australia has seen an almost 50% increase in housing prices over the last ten years, and will likely continue to rise in the coming decades. While the statistics do not account for inflation, the prices of property and goods increase faster than salaries, making it challenging to keep up with the economic burden of living. That is why a good number of people are choosing to purchase retirement homes as early as possible.

Depending on your financial standing, purchasing a vacation home early at the Beauty Point resort may or may not be viable, but is a move that you should consider soon. Single to two-bedroom apartment vacancies can run you at least $600,000 in today’s housing market, but if you retire 20 years from now, that price can very well double. By purchasing a home early, you can more easily apply for a mortgage and pay off the debt while you are in employment. It is a win-win to secure a lavish and ultimately luxurious retirement while avoiding inflated prices.

Be Picky With Amenities

The most difficult thing about retiring somewhere other than a nursing home is the thought of having to do things yourself. Your younger family members are unlikely to live with you, so you may be worried about who to look for in case of emergencies. Retirement villages and resorts are fantastic options because they are complete with all necessary amenities, plus luxurious add-ons to ensure your enjoyment.

There are medical facilities with trained nurses and practitioners, health classes, and entertainment functions such as craft and game rooms. The community falls within the same demographic cohort so that you can enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. Unlike nursing homes, which have little to do, you will never get bored in a retirement resort. If you imagine yourself in a carefree retirement situation, then put this housing option at the top of your list.

While the idea of retirement is dreadful to some, being well-prepared will allow you to look forward to lavish post-employment life. Seniority signifies the culmination of your entire life’s worth of hard work, so you best enjoy it in style and within the right community.


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