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Emir Horton is Connecting Time to a Mission With the Eartha Watch Brand

Emir Horton is a man that grew up dreaming and had a vision for his life. As he began to live that life, the details of his purpose began to reveal themself in a clearer way. With an overall purpose of creating a legacy, this Philadelphia native who now lives in Los Angeles, California has moved closer to fulfilling parts of that purpose with the creation of his new line of luxury watches called Eartha Watch Company.

When he attended Delaware State University he majored in mass communications with a concentration in radio, television, and film, which was the major the school offered closest to acting, his ultimate career goal. After graduation, he felt like his professors and the city didn't offer what he needed in terms of career advancement so he decided to move to Los Angeles and perfect his craft. He was able to get a job that allowed him to break into the industry but after months of juggling 2 jobs and sleeping in his friend's home, he began thinking about things that could bring in extra money to combat the high cost of living in Los Angeles.

Since 14 years old, Emir showed interest in watches. He felt that one day he would create a collection under a larger brand. Eventually, he realized that he could create his own brand and allow it to represent the people he wanted it to be connected to. When thinking of the perfect name, he needed something that represented strength and legacy and he chose Eartha, the name of his grandmother. Knowing nothing about the inner workings of designing a watch, he began learning how to build a watch from scratch. Over the few years since deciding to go full force, he learned a lot but admitted that one of the toughest challenges he faced has been in creating the right team. Each day, he becomes a stronger businessman than he was the day before. Due to his ability to not give up, he has just about sold out of his first collection after less than a year.

Not only did he aim to create a brand that looked good and made you feel good but a brand that also makes you think while being intentional about your life. Connecting Time to the Mission is a phrase that became the tagline for the Eartha brand. It's described as, "It means maximizing our time (past, present, and future) in order to achieve whatever it is that we are attempting to accomplish. We need to use our time to complete the overlooked work that hinders us from feeling accomplished. We need to prioritize and manage our time in order to eliminate procrastination and remember to enjoy the present so that we can have a fulfilled journey at the end of accomplishing the mission," says Horton. When thinking about the timing in your life, ask yourself these two questions; are you living out your purpose and if you're not living the life you're supposed to then what are you doing?

When you think of the Eartha Watch brand, of course, you think of time, but think of Emir Horton's journey. He is a 26-year-old Black man from Philly who looked beyond his surroundings to create his own brand of luxury watches and sacrificed to fulfill his destiny. He lets us know that each and every one of us can be innovative, we can have ownership and we can create a legacy with the proper discipline. As his brand grows, Emir is working to create more collections and bring Dream to Awaken, the one-day summit that brings Hollywood to Philadelphia. It's his way to combat the negativity in his city and bring the creatives an opportunity to shine. You can also check out his upcoming collections.

Visit the Eartha Watch Brand online and joining the mission of connecting time.


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