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Que Duong's "The Art of Fading" Images Will Have You Missing Your Barber

A shape-up, a line-up and an edge-up are all terms used for getting the crisp outline completing a man’s haircut. But a fade is a fade. There may be different versions and styles of a fade, but a fade is the tapering of the hair from bottom to top, which starts with cutting your hair as close to the skin as you like.

During this recent pandemic, men have realized how important our barbers mean to us and even more importantly how much getting a haircut makes us feel. While we are home, many men have tried to cut their own hair but are simply cutting their hair really low with a minimum shape-up. But to obtain a fade, one needs to cut his hair with a “sharpness and masterful blending,” New York Photographer Que Duong shares. Being intrigued by this “subtle artform” Que collaborated with master barber Wade Menendez to create a series entitled “The Art of Fading” to celebrate the history of the grooming style, its masterful techniques, and the renewed feelings it creates for the men who wear them.

Here’s a glimpse of the series below:

Model: D'Angelo Rodriguez

Model: M'Baye Samb

Model: Jesse McAuliffe

Model: M'Baye Samb

Model: Rad Lopez

Head over to to check out “The Art of Fading” complete series.


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