Learn More About Guillermo Zapata Founder of “Vanderpump Rules” Sur Restaurant and Loung

Vanderpump Rules is reaching its sixth season and we have enjoyed watching the lives of the employees of Sur Restaurant & Lounge. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Guillermo Zapata co-owner of the restaurant. What an exceptional restaurant it is, with very effective management. It would come as no surprise to find there is some form of Restaurant accounting software in place. Also, his level of attention to detail all the way through the restaurant – from the fantastic service to the immaculate silverware he no doubt bought from NellaOnline.com. To learn more about how he went from a successful actor and model in Argentina to dishwashing at a restaurant in Los Angeles to founding one of West Hollywood’s best-kept secrets!

You came to Los Angeles when you were 22.

Yes, I came from Buenos Aires in 1992. Back in that time, I was acting in Argentina. I was working in soap operas and participating in films. But my goal was to come to America and perhaps take a picture with the Hollywood sign and see what the city is all about. I was able to buy a ticket with the little bit of money that I had. I was only going to spend two weeks in the city. But the fact is when I came here, I fell in love so much with the city and with the energy.

I started working in a restaurant in Los Angeles in the kitchen and then worked my way up. I always say that from the two-week vacation that I was here, it took me eight years to come back and see my family, and my country again. The process of a new life was a big disappointment to my parents, friends, and family. But I knew that I’m 22 years old and you have to follow your dreams and this is the time to do it.

I think its the desire for you to go to a different level of life and pursue your dreams. I knew that me being in Argentina will never be satisfying. If I don’t try it at that age that I was single, full of life and energy, I couldn’t do it in the future. My father was very, very poor in Argentina then. He became very successful and until today at 86 years old, he’s one of the biggest celebrities in Argentina as a singer and actor. But my fathe