E’Ian West Built His Own Media Production Company and Leads The Way With Innovative TV

E’Ian West, owner of Montage Media Production Company, brings innovative content to the small screen. Being at the helm of the production company provides West the opportunity to cultivate creative content that will have a lasting impact on audiences. Whether it’s an informative documentary or a fictional TV show, entertainment enriches the lives of viewers by offering different perspectives and the enjoyment of escapism. Montage Media Production Company’s grade A television programming ensures quality time well spent with family, friends or a significant other. In a conversation with QG, West gives insight on what makes a good TV show, successful business partnerships, and hopes for the future.

How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

I started in the industry by managing talent new to Los Angeles. Over the years, I have had a chance to work with some of the best emerging talent new to the scene. Imagine having the energy, drive, and focus you had when you were a kid playing with your favorite toy; that’s what LA is. Everyone is focused, networking, working, helping each other reach their goals. It’s always fascinating to see people new to Los Angeles, eager and focused strictly on their career and ambition. For me, to be able to assist in any way was fulfilling, natural, and easy work. Of course, I was able to make enough money for it to be worthwhile, but I still work with a lot of those people from over ten years ago.

How did the Montage Media Production company come into being? Also, what makes your company stand apart?

After years of being a talent manager and working with everyone from network executives, agencies, management companies and casting directors, I started to understand what I was interested in within the industry. My focus was on creating projects I had never seen on TV and the stories I had never seen told. At that point, I decided to invest in a substantial amount of film equipment and started filming. After some time, I began to reach out to all of the people in the industry that I knew. I was luckily able to pitch them, and the quality of work has allowed me to become successful enough to sell content.