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Don’t Let Age Halt Your Dreams: The Teezo Touchdown Story

Teezo Touchdown

With the release of his first studio album, How Do You Sleep at Night, Teezo Touchdown finally answers the age-old question, “When is it time to give up on your dreams?” His answer is simple, never.

Before getting into the album there’s something that you need to understand, Teezo Touchdown is an anomaly in modern music as he’s one of the few artists who can’t be categorized in a box. According to an interview with NME, Teezo said this about his style, “I’m never chasing a sound because that would just be satire. Rather than trying to copy a sound, I look at what all this music represents: Why is rock tearing through these stadiums; how is rap tearing up the club; how is pop tearing up the charts? I’m still figuring all that out, but the energy of rock will always be in my music; it might not be guitar-led, but the intensity and urgency of rock will be there.”

Before now, Teezo kept most of his identity secret, refusing to share his full name and age with fans. Many may think this was to add to his mysterious lore but in actuality, it was out of fear. In an interview with The Guardian, when talking about his age, Teezo said, “That mystery came from a place of fear,” he explains.

“I’m not out here trying to be this teen-spirit thing. I want to break down the wall that if it hasn’t happened for you yet [at 30], it never will. I want to be the biggest star in the world but I also want it to be tangible – I want to help show you that whatever you’re chasing, it’s possible,” he adds. Embodying this phrase as the inspiration for his newest album, Teezo wants to be the spark of inspiration for other artists who want to make it in the music industry but feel that their circumstances hold them back from reaching their full potential.

With songs like OK a rock anthem about Teezo reinforcing his core ideals of staying true to himself, to Impossible, where he reminds us that anything is possible as long as we keep on trying, we can see that Teezo’s message is all about uplifting.

All of these beliefs culminate in the song and accompanying music video for Familiarity. The video starts with Teezo in 2018 still stuck at home in Beaumont, Texas arguing with his father who wants him to give up on his dream of being an artist and to get a real job. He then sings, “Goodbye Daddy, hope you understand I’m not coming back home until I’m a man.” We follow Teezo around Beaumont recording videos for other artists, and with the few moments he gets for himself, he’s recording his music video before ending the day with his friend in the car complaining about no one giving him a fair chance. Framing this song as his autobiography gives us his most important lesson; just because the world doesn’t believe in your dreams, others doubt you, your friends doubt you, even when your parents doubt you, does not mean you should doubt yourself.

Teezo’s new album How Do You Sleep At Night can be streamed on all platforms. Make sure to follow Teezo on Instagram.


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