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Learning The Negative Effects Of Premature Ejaculation And Why It Should Be Cured

Premature ejaculation can be defined by the process in which a man experiences faster ejaculation during the process of sexual intercourse that what his partner would have liked for. It has been seen that premature ejaculation has been a common complaint about the most sexually active couples out there. It has been estimated that one man out of three, experiences this issue at some point in their lives.

needs to be kept in mind that both biological as well as psychological factors play a part in this problem. There are many men out there who feel embarrassed to talk about premature ejaculation, but still, the condition can be easily treated and common as well. With the help of natural remedies like male delay products, you can quickly improve your sexual drive for you and your partner too.

The Negative Effects Of Premature Ejaculation

1. Face Condition Of Erectile Dysfunction

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are related to each other by a wide margin. Therefore, in case you’re facing premature ejaculation, it can also turn it into another issue, i.e. maintaining a constant erection over time. This will make you anxious to hurry through your sexual encounters, either unconsciously or consciously.

2. Adds Mental Stress To Your Life

Premature ejaculation can also lead to mental stress and hostility between you and your partner. This will ultimately limit your overall ability to focus as well as relax during sexual activity. 

3. Leads To Relationship Problems

One of the most common outcomes of experiencing premature ejaculation is to suffer difficulty in the relationship between you and your partner. Not enjoying the same sexual drive can instantly make you suffer from the inside your heart and mind.

4. Face Issues When It Comes To Fertility

In case if you’re someone who is trying to father along with your partner being a mother, then premature ejaculation can lead to difficulty for couples who are planning to have a child. If the ejaculation doesn’t occur intra-vaginally, then you and your partner can face fertility problems.

Why Premature Ejaculation Should Be Cured And What Are The Ways To Do It?

In most cases, men suffering from premature ejaculation have a psychological reason behind such an issue. In case the problem occurs at the beginning of a relationship, then the issue tends to get resolved as time goes on. If the problem persists even after that, then it’s better for couples to opt for counseling. Since no such officially licensed medications are available (other than regular antidepressants), with the help of products like ejaculation delay spray for men will help you solve the problem in no time.

Furthermore, doing regular exercises is also key here as well. It has been found by researchers that Kegel exercises, which are generally made to improve the strength of your body’s pelvic floor muscles, can easily help you avoid premature ejaculation. The following things should be kept in mind when doing your Kegel exercises:

  1. Improve the muscle contraction in your body with the help of physio-kinesiotherapy.

  2. Using the perineal floor muscles to perform electro-stimulation.

  3. With the help of biofeedback, you need to be able to control the muscle contractions in your body, especially of the perineal floor.

By following the above exercises, you can easily improve the delay in ejaculation, by almost 60 seconds or one minute. The above exercise should be continued for at least 12 weeks.

Moreover, you can also practice doing the start-stop method and the squeeze method as well. The start-stop method needs you to stop your sexual activity when you feel like ejaculating. On the other hand, the squeeze method needs you to squeeze the end of the penis when you feel like ejaculating, for at least 30 seconds.


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