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Rapper Styles P Releases Plant-Based Peanut Butter

One of the hardest rappers of all time is helping bolster peanut butter and jelly and adding to the plant-based movement.

The Ruff Ryders’ Styles P partnered with Chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison and dropped hip hop’s first jarred PB&J spread. The duo bonded over their passions for producing award-winning music and culinary dishes.

We’re both using our platform to encourage incorporating a plant-based lifestyle, even if it is just one meal at a time,” Humm said to Food & Wine.

While this is a significant development for Styles P, the renowned New York City rapper isn’t new to the plant-based movement. The hardcore lyricist, and his wife, Adjua Styles, opened Farmacy For Life, which is hip hop’s first health food shop – a place to increase the accessibility of holistic eats in underserved communities, according to Food & Wine.

Back in January, Styles P celebrated his nine-year milestone of only eating plant-based foods.

“Today is my 9th-year anniversary for eating plant based,” Styles said on Instagram. “I didn’t intend to be plant based just on a three-week cleanse Dec. 31 2013. And never turned back. Proud of myself because at one time in my life I was 240 pounds, which wasn’t healthy for my height.

Although I’m at a scoopable weight right now I’m feeling damn great and I’m light on my feet for vintage dude and my snuff to the light jog off game is feeling on point anyway cheers to me. Happy New Year to all. May it be blessed and prosperous .. If nothing, make sure you make taking care of yourself a priority this year ahead of us. The money comes and goes .. once the health is gone it’s hard to get back or live the way you want to .. the good ole folk @farmacyforlife and @juicesforlife and the Styles Family aka the farma’s. Will do what is needed to assist you on your journey! Love is love and stay golden.”

Humm has also been on a plant-based journey. In 2021, Humm relaunched Eleven Madison Park as a plant-based high-end eatery.

“We made the commitment to use our creativity toward a plant-based future because that’s where our food system needs to go,” Humm said on the Eleven Madison Home website.

The Styles PB&J spread is available through Eleven Madison Home. The jar is $15 and combines Eleven Madison Home’s signature peanut butter with grape jelly.

The peanut butter is infused with maca protein and Farmacy For Life’s Irish sea moss. A portion of the cost will go to supporting Styles P and Chef Humm’s mission to increase community food accessibility. Proceeds from all Eleven Madison Home products will go to the brand’s food truck that donates meals to “food-insecure communities” in partnership with Rethink Food.


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