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Daymond John Presents blueprint+co Workplace

Yesterday, Daymond John unveiled his much-anticipated passion project blueprint + co in Manhattan. blueprint + co is the creative, executive open workspace where you will have the opportunity to sit next to like-minded entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, all while building onto your existing foundation.

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Currently, blueprint + co exists on three floors but John would like to eventually occupy the entire building. This new workspace also has an exclusive concierge that offers a myriad of tools and resources, as well as informational workshops on topics ranging from tech and coding, to fashion, manufacturing and entertainment.  They not only offer you a built-in community, but unparalleled access to thought leaders that will both meet your needs and take your business to the next level.

John says, he wants this workspace to be “MTV meets Times Square for Entrepreneurship”. But this isn’t for your run of the mill start up. If you are a new company, you have to be backed by an Angel Fund or Venture Fund with at least $250,000 in annual revenue. There’s a vetting process to ensure that everyone who is in the space can add value to the group.

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New York is the first city launched but blueprint + co could be popping up in the other top 10 cities. blueprint + co has already leased tenants such as Ashley Stewart, the world’s leading Fashion brand for plus size women and girls and Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Fashion Designer June Ambrose.

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blueprint + co is located at 214 West 39th Street, Penthouse, Manhattan NY 10018. Click here to learn more.


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