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Dating Tips from Mom vs Matchmaker’s Carmelia Ray

Mom vs Matchmaker is a TV series that helps millennials find their perfect match. Carmelia Ray is a Matchmaking professional and she helps the mothers of the contestants with finding the best date for their child. We had the opportunity to speak with Carmelia Ray to learn more Mom vs Matchmaker and what tips millennial men should know when it comes to finding their suitable mate!

Carmelia Ray

Carmelia Ray

Tell us a bit about yourself and your show “Mom vs. Matchmaker”.

“Mom vs Matchmaker” is a show that tests the saying that “Mother knows best.” All-knowing and very competitive moms compete with me to find a better “date” than my choice for their son/daughter. I’m a veteran matchmaker with over 25 years of matchmaking experience, although these moms have known their kids all their lives. It’s always an exciting competition that is full of surprises. I must say the moms get tougher and tougher as the seasons progress.

There are a lot of people out there wondering, “Are there any good men or women left”?

Of course, there are! My answer to that is they should call me. I’m always up for real life matchmaking and leaving their moms out of it. When someone says that, it could be that they continue to attract who they don’t want because this is all they worry about. It’s best for them to focus on meeting their RIGHT partner, maintain a positive hopeful attitude and drop the worrying.

What are the upsides to matchmaking for marriage-minded millennial men?

There are multiple upsides to using a matchmaker if you’re a marriage-minded millennial. Firstly, singles who hire matchmakers are typically interested in meeting someone for a long-term, committed relationship so they’re meeting people who share the same relationship goals. Instead of wasting time searching for and dating the wrong types, a matchmaker will introduce you to someone who already shares similar interests, values and goals. Matchmakers screen and qualify all matches personally to ensure you’re meeting someone who truly is compatible to you, which makes the dating process far more efficient than if you were to date on your own. Lastly, you will save time, energy and money by only being introduced to other like-minded, emotionally available and physically attractive singles. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Are there any cardinal rules of dating?

The cardinal rules of dating are to be positive, polite and persistent. As the saying goes “practice makes perfect.” Dating can seem daunting and for many, frustrating. If you don’t reset on every date, you’ll be bringing your bad energy and bad attitude on your next date, which will be catastrophic. Even when you meet someone who you were excited about and feel let down, remain courteous and respectful. That person likely has their own expectations about you as well. Being polite goes a long way for you and for your date. It’s best to use every date opportunity as a chance for you to learn, and improve your dating skills.

What is the most important skill an established couple can practice?

The most important skill a couple can practice is listening and really hearing what their partner is saying. Often times when your partner speaks, you already have a perception of what they are going to say. There’s the voice in your head that decodes his/her sentences and manipulates it to what YOU hear. Communication is the key to understanding one another. Listening plays a huge role in how you communicate to your partner. Sometimes what you think you hear, is actually NOT what your partner is saying. It’s your interpretation of what they are saying that could be causing conflict. Seek understanding and clarification to know you are both on the same page.

What is the best way to make a lasting impression after a first date?

Maya Angelou said, “At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” The best way to make a lasting impression is to make sure your date left feeling GREAT!

What things should every man have in his closet?

Although there are many accessories every man should have in his closet, when it comes to dating, he should have a fresh and clean pair of shoes for the date occasion. Whether you are choosing to meet casually for coffee or dressed for dinner and drinks, shoes are one of the first accessories women will check out.

Do you have a fashion formula?

My fashion formula for men, when it comes to dating, is to dress for the date occasion with both style and comfort in mind. If you’re concerned about how you feel in the clothing, it just adds an element of stress and distraction you don’t need.

In a successful match, how important is the role/opinion of a man’s significant other’s mom?

A lot of men really value their mother’s opinion. In fact, for many, it’s a deal breaker. If momma doesn’t approve, it’s bye bye to future wifey option.

What do you think is the most attractive outfit a man can wear to impress their significant other’s mom? Why?

When it comes to impressing your significant other’s mom, the most attractive outfit a man can wear will always be a well fitted, tailored suit, whether it is made to measure or Bespoke. Most moms’ perception of a man wearing a tailored suit is one that is accomplished, educated, stable and reliable. Moms will also appreciate their daughter dating a man who has great taste in fashion. Tailor made suits often indicate power, resources, sensibility, and respect. I was always impressed when my daughter’s boyfriend showed up to our house for dinner and special occasions in a three-piece suit. He had this air of confidence and pride when he wore it.

Check out a sneak peek of the season finale of Mom vs. Matchmaker below. Make sure you tune in tonight on Myxtv 8/7C!


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