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Da Brat’s Listening Party for Cornbread at Mass Appeal

Not only does Atlanta house the most Waffle Houses in the nation, it has now become the central mecca for young emerging rappers. Who is the newest rapper to hit the scene? Da Brat’s new prodigy, Cornbread.

Buckhead’s Mass Appeal street wear boutique was the place to be Tuesday evening to honor Da Brat’s new artist, Cornbread. Notable attendees included Trina Braxton, Headkrack and Da Brat herself. What makes this rapper’s sound unique is not just his name, it’s his lyrics. The Chicago-influenced rapper takes his own experiences and turns them into lyrics that his fans can relate to. He also doesn’t use any curse words in his music. He lists Lil Wayne and Will Smith as his biggest inspirations.

The relationship between Cornbread and Da Brat is one of a kind. The two met through Instagram where Da Brat discovered his music. “She’s just so humble,” Cornbread said. “anytime I mess up, she’s on my *ss. I just love her to death.” His mix-tape, Trust The Process, is available on iTunes. You can watch his video for his single “Passenger Rider” below.


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