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The Effects of Cannabis on Muscle Growth

A healthy and fit body comes because of a healthy diet, regular workouts and discipline to renounce drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Most athletes view marijuana as a better alternative to alcohol because alcohol negatively affects recovery and muscle growth. With the legalization of marijuana, most people ask whether it affects muscle growth. With the rise of both recreational and medical marijuana, most lifters and athletes are turning their attention towards the benefits of CBD and THC to view the way it affects their performance.

Helps in Recovery, In turn Boosting Muscle Growth

Marijuana is significant in aiding in recovery after exercise. It can be very beneficial in helping you to recover quickly after a workout, and if you are a sportsperson, you cannot overlook the vitality of recovery after exercise. When you exercise, you interfere with the body functioning, and this leads to damage of muscles, which then triggers muscle growth. By using proper post weightlifting attire as well as supplementing with marijuana, you will be able to reduce damage and encourage quick recovery, which translates to more muscles. Marijuana’s active compound will reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.


There is a measurable level of hormonal change that results from the consumption of marijuana. Most athletes consume anabolic steroids, such as testosterone to increase muscle mass. You can buy these online and use them in an injection or pill form to boost your muscle growth. A boost in testosterone levels will leave you feeling more energized and ready to undergo long hours of training, which in turn increases muscle growth. The more testosterone you have, the more muscle you gain. Some researchers investigated men that took part in an intensive resistance training program. If a change in the levels of testosterone after training is crucial with muscle growth, then the study should yield two results. First, subjects with the highest amounts of testosterone would build muscle weight after training. Second, guys with low testosterone levels will gain the least muscle. However, the researchers found a small level of significance between muscle gain and testosterone. Although weed intake may not influence testosterone levels directly, it triggers other body processes to maintain proper testosterone levels. Well, boosting your testosterone levels may be the key to adding that pack of muscle mass.

Improves Appetite

According to a study on the relationship between weight gain and consumption of marijuana, weed can help you to gain weight by increasing your appetite. People refer to this phenomenon as “the munchies”. The conclusions of this research remain important because appetite is a significant problem for many skinny people that want to add muscles. Attaining that calorie target intake is one of the most vital factors of muscle growth in addition to undertaking training. The taste of food generally increases after taking marijuana, and this implies that it is easier to eat healthy foods to satisfy your appetite. You can use this benefit to boost your muscle growth. For those who smoke weed, it acts as a vasodilator and may result in better-oxygenated tissue, which could prove beneficial for muscle growth.

Enhances Performance

Most bodybuilding celebrities contend that they smoke at least two blunts of weed before exercising. An endurance athlete may benefit from the bronchodilatory and pain-killing effects of marijuana to get through a tough training session. Therefore, an athlete who is using THC in moderate doses can experience higher creativity and enhanced focus, plus pain-relieving properties. It is, however, crucial not to overdose marijuana to build muscle growth.

Pain Relief

If you are exercising or training a lot, you may experience pain during or after your sessions. This pain can prevent you from continuing with the exercise. However, if you take marijuana, it will reduce any swelling, muscle strain, and allow you to get back to your training quicker than usual. According to getintopcc, the CBD component of cannabis is famous for possessing these pain-relieving properties. Therefore, you should consume this drug if you want to train for longer and get the muscle that you are looking for. CBD oil can also be a good alternative for treating muscle strains.

Muscle-Tension and Relaxation

Some people have seizure disorders, frequent twitching, or muscle tightness after training. Marijuana is successful in treating these as well. Some patients may be unable to undertake normal training or even daily tasks due to muscle aches and tension. You can take marijuana to manage these conditions and enjoy your training sessions.

In summary, marijuana is effective in boosting muscle growth. It not only raises your appetite but additionally increases your testosterone level, thus influencing the growth of muscles. With a moderate dose, you can achieve these desired effects. You can go for testosterone enanthate that specifically focuses on improving muscle growth. Besides, you can also try marijuana flowers, vape pen, edibles, or concentrates from online dispensary Canada. However, always remember to back up marijuana use with training and a healthy diet to increase muscle growth.


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