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Brett Favre’s “What the Favre” Campaign

In recent years, fans have pointed a finger at Buffalo Wild Wings on social media when unexplained events occur during a big game.

So leading up to and around the “Big Game” this weekend, the “Wings.Beer.Sports” restaurant is reintroducing fans to the idea that they actually might be able to control or impact a game … with a little help from Hall of Fame quarterback, Brett Favre.

During his 20 year career, Favre set various records including most completions and consecutive starts. However, one record in particular has left Favre wondering if he was actually solely responsible – most interceptions thrown (336).

BWW released “The Conspiracy” as part of its multi-channel “What the Favre?!” campaign that includes national television commercials, social media extensions and online videos.

“The Conspiracy,” available as a :30 ad running during Sunday’s pre-game show and an extended online cut, takes fans on a journey as Favre gathers evidence to discover who, or what, might have been behind his all-time interception record. Could B-Dubs have played a role? Watch and find out.

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