BLK & Bold: The Redman and Method Man of Coffee & Tea

I asked them to state their names before speaking in our conversation, but I caught on quick. It was evident in the beginning who was who. They were both individually different, but complementary as a collective. Not to mention, their voices weren’t hard to distinguish. Ying to his Yang, it made sense that Rod, ½ of the duo, is a Hip Hop enthusiast. He conveniently said to his partner, “It’s supposed to be a back and forth, right? It’s supposed to be like Redman and Method Man”, in reference to their picky backing each other so seamlessly. Pernell, on the other hand, is the talkative and charismatic truth, whereas his business partner is laid-back, direct and to the point. Not as elaborate as Pernell, but just as efficient. I asked the proud owners of BLK and Bold (obvious double-entendre) who they were as men in comparison to as a unit. As expected they answered the opposite:

Rod: It depends on the day first, but I’m a fair, driven, and forward-thinking individual.

Pernell: First, I’m a family man. It’s something that I’ve always been. It’s always been inherited as a responsibility, raised by all women. (This is evident from his spirit, and he talks so passionately about his wife and children today.)

They consciously remind me, it’s a two-man show with help from their inner circles, so why coffee and why tea? I was intrigued by their story, two black men in the industry of two of the most popular consumptions of all time. Consumers drink hot and cold coffee and tea beverages every day. My thought was how genius this was, to tap into this forever phenomenon. Not only have they taped in, but they’ve managed to create a lane and vision like no other. Approaching their year anniversary this June, these gentlemen are on the right track, already giving back to their community in a major way that doesn’t exist for us.

Pernell: I think a big piece of us going down the entrepreneurial path with greater mission and purpose tied to it; we wanted to be passionate about the products that we were bringing to market and that we can continue to stand behind. The products can stand the test of time as the market changes. We looked at what products we are passionate about as consumers. For me, it’s always been coffee. It’s kind of been a big part of my daily ritual as a professional, it kind of fuels me to go hustle every day. Rod is that way more on the other end of the spectrum, being a tea enthusiast. It just made a lot of sense from the synergies of us as consumers; the synergies of building a portfolio of beverages, especially when there’s so much innovation within coffee and tea. We just wanted to build a brand that consumers are passionate about that isn’t just about the product. It allows for coffee and tea to live under one brand. That doesn’t really exist in the marketplace in a mass