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Here's A List of Bail Funds You Can Support

For the past five days, protestors have taken to the streets all across the country to stand up to police brutality after the murder of George Floyd. While many of these protests were intended to be peaceful, there are some that turned violent. The minority are tired of systematic oppression and the goal of speaking out is for things to change in America. While protesting, a lot of people are being arrested for executing their right to protest. Originally created by filmmaker Matthew Cherry, here is a list of bail funds you can donate to in order to help get people out of jail.

Atlanta: The Action Network

Austin: For Hundred And One

Baltimore: Baltimore Action Legal Team

Brooklyn: Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Buffalo: May 2020 Buffalo Bail Fund

Chicago: Chicago Community Bond Fund

Columbus: Columbus Freedom Fund

Colorado: Colorado Freedom Fund

Dallas: Luke 4:18 Bail Fund

Detroit: Detroit’s Bail Fund

Houston: Restoring Justice Community Bail Fund

Kansa City: Kansas City Community Bail Fund

Las Vegas: Vegas Freedom Fund

LGBTQ Freedom Fund

Louisville: Louisville Community Bail Fund

Los Angeles: Peoples City Council Freedom Fund

Massachusetts: The Massachusetts Bail Fund

Milwaukee: Milwaukee Freedom Fund

Minneapolis: Minnesota Freedom Fund

Nashville: Nashville Community Bail Fund

New York: Free Them All For Public Health

Philadelphia: Philadelphia Bail Fund

Pittsburg: Bukit Bail Fund of Pittsburgh

Portland: PDX Protest Bail Fund

Richmond: Richmond Community Bail Fund

Seattle: Black Lives Matter Seattle

Toronto: Toronto Protestor Bail Fund

Oakland/San Jose: Silicon Valley Democrats Socialists of America

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